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United States Links

U.S. Global Change Research Program provides an overview of issues and links to sites about global change.

Global Change Master Directory categorizes satellite observations on Earth's environment. Well-organized, links and searchable databases.


Government Agencies

Environmental Databases

Environmental Interest Groups


Guides and Catalogs

Online Documents




Earth-Watching Tools

To see the Forest Fires of the Western US from Space

Latest Earthquake Information

See what your
Ultraviolet Exposure Level
is Today!

Project Earth™ Article Library



General Links

Official U.S. time. Click on your timezone and watch the Java clock tick. Also has a great day/night timezone diagram showing our shadow slowly moving across Earth.

Population pyramids for any country, any years from the U.S. Census.


Columnists &
News Sources

Native American
Creation Stories

New Scientist
The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service

Science News


the environmental voting records of Members of Congress.

The Environment News Service (ENS)
Established in 1990 by Editor-in-Chief Sunny Lewis and Managing Editor Jim Crabtree. Independently owned and operated, not affiliated with any business, industry, government or environmental group.

Works That Matter

Essays From The Founder

Tour The Wounded Earth (Flash)

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