Stop the Anti-Environment Attack

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The anti-environment wing of the Republican Party is trying to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency. It's step one in letting their biggest supporters completely disregard environmental protections -- no matter what the cost.

I know that statement sounds too scary to be true, and I wish it were. But with Newt Gingrich and a number of members of Congress calling for just that, we have to take it seriously.

And we have to fight back.

Join nearly 10,000 of our fellow Americans who care about clean air and clean water and have already signed my petition to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee building support to vote NO on anti-environment legislation. Sign the petition today—before I deliver it this Monday!

Bit by bit, the new extremist majority in the House and their allies in the Senate have been introducing legislation to chip away at environmental protections.

Every move they take against the EPA is an effort to delegitimize it and eventually eliminate it—to prevent the EPA from keeping our air and water clean and regulating the gases that cause climate change. All this despite the fact that recent polling shows 69% of Americans support the EPA enacting tougher regulations on airborne pollution.[1]

Americans knows that our greatest future economic successes will come from a clean energy revolution, creating millions of new jobs in industries we haven’t even begun to build. Failing to innovate now—and sacrificing our health while the big polluters win—is exactly the kind of backward-looking stance we don’t need at this critical juncture for our country.

We have a real chance to stop these latest attacks in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. But to do it, we need to make sure the committee hears us.

Can you help?

Sign my petition to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee urging them to vote NO on anti-environment legislation

Thank you for your help—and thank you for standing up for sensible environmental protections!

Mark Udall
CO, U.S. Senator

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