The Urgency of Now

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April 27, 2009 - I am writing to respond to the variety of questions that you have sent in the last couple of weeks.

Needless to say, these are difficult times. All of this was clearly predictable and was in fact predicted. Project Earth has been all about forecasting this series of events and trying to offer other viable solutions for over three decades now.

Those of us who have listened and acted accordingly have been anything but well received; at least until very recently. Now the hour is late and without immediate and decisive action on the part of those who continue to usurp political, economic and environmental resources in this continuing pantomime of democracy we need to prepare for the inevitable. I wish with all of my heart that this was not so.

Even though the new President of the United States is a much more benign leader than the ridiculous and embarrassing buffoon who last usurped and squatted in the White House, he is a man limited by the advice that he takes and implements. I for one do not envy his position.

What I would say to our new President is this. We could have laid a strong foundation for the future of the Earth and all of her people for the amount of money and other resources the last Administration, your Administration and Congress have wasted on AIG alone. We could have rapidly produced and deployed technologies, which were long ago reduced to practice by both private and government scientists, which can produce all of the electrical power we could ever use without one ounce of pollution. And yet these technologies still languish in Indiana Jones like warehouses next to the Arks of the broken covenants of the past (or are used in secret by a usurpative few for who knows what purpose).

The criticality of this moment demands that we are no longer subjected to the endless game of cat and mouse that has been waged against the People of Earth by all of the governments who claim to represent our best interests. It is time to take the wraps off technological innovations that have been hidden from all but a few of us since Tesla. We don’t really care if you call yourselves Republicans, Democrats or Independents. We demand that the Government of the People of the United States of America finally comes clean, once and for all, regarding the tools that we require to navigate the ever-narrowing passage to any kind of benign future.

If you are a Senator or a Congressperson who sits on some influential committee and you think that you know many secret things, then don’t you wonder why you don’t know anything about these technologies? Why haven’t you been read in? If you doknow about these technologies and are keeping them from benefitting your constituents then what do you think they will do when they finally wake up and smell the rotting corpses of the future that your fraudulent misrepresentation has wrought?

Let’s see. You want GM, Ford and Chrysler to be forgiven for making technologies that were completely obsolete by 1914 (when Tesla drove his self-running electrical Pierce Arrow) and continuing to produce superficial changes to the same old cars year after year. GM claims it is now making really efficient cars even if they could have done better with technologies patented in the United States many decades ago. Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, BMW and all of the rest of the auto manufactures and all of their plants in the world should be converted over to make motor/generators to run in vehicles that require no fuel at all.

We think that the UAW deserves to have a good feeling about their livelihood. When these hard working people go to work they should be building the vehicles of the future and not the gas generators of the global Auschwitz.

For three decades now Project Earth has posed the same questions time and time again. What would our Representatives do if they actually represented US? What would our economy be like if we spent all of these trillions of dollars investing in Life and not in the technologies of death?

There is no logic to it. There is no intelligence behind it. Liars and murderous cheats like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney lead us to war for their own profit and that of their coconspirators. Is it OK to torture? If so, then why not torture the People with false promises based on inadequate technologies. See how they run…

All the while there is a secret Air Force and a secret Navy that utilize for their own purposes technologies not even disclosed to their Brothers and Sisters in Arms in the regular Armed Services. As U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye has said in a public hearing:

“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

So we need to be practical. We need to shine a very bright light on this matter. We need to outshine the shadows, which have been cast over the eyes of the world in the interests of a destructive few. We all need to cry out twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week until our voices are really heard in Washington. That is our duty. That is our necessity.

We demand and must have real change and not false hope.

Washington needs to hear the voices of the millions of Americans threatened with pollution induced sickness, poverty and homelessness. How dare these pretenders to Democracy spend our great grandchildren into untenable debt and not lift a hand toreally help the People. We the People will either raise our voices in an effective manner or tens of millions of us will be consigned to tent cities while the Global Corporate Hegemony continues to steal our future.

A wise man once told me that the Second Amendment was put in place to protect and defend the First Amendment. However, it is the Constitution itself, in its entirety, which is under attack, in spite of the bright new shingle hanging in front of the White House.

I wish President Obama all the best. I wish him great success. I cannot believe that any of you are really so dull that you find the flatulent demagoguery of Rush Limbaugh compelling. Even so, I also cannot believe that any of you are so dull as to believe thatWe the People have really found our voice in Washington.

Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice and all of the other traitors who engineered the demise of the United States are still at large. We should not be consoled by the incarceration of Bernie Madoff. There is little solace in the caging of one traitor when there are still hundreds of traitors betraying America and the Earth and you and I every minute of every day without consequence.

As I have written decades ago, if we don’t profoundly change direction we are all heading in then the Earth itself will rise up against us. This is already happening right now. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Denial of Global Climate destabilization continues to leave a trail of rubble from draught, deluge and raging winds moving like a plague across the face of the Earth. Just turn on the news or the Weather Channel.

We celebrated President Obama’s appointment of John Holdren as his Chief Science Advisor because we know that Holdren knows that there is no future if we rely on wind, solar and nuclear technologies to replace the output produced by fossil fuels. I like him because he and his colleague Nathan Lewis of Cal-Tech are smart enough to do the math. Every American should be apprised of their analysis of the situation.

When I asked Holdren and Lewis what they thought of Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation Energy based technologies they both admitted they had never even heard of these technologies. They’re response is all too typical of what even really good and highly trained minds are trained to think by educational institutions, which systematically reserve the study of such technologies for a very small number of students at the post-graduate level.

I have been extraordinarily privileged to have not only seen but to have a creative hand in the study and invention of such technologies. I too was somewhat skeptical. No one who has been programmed by the current or past educational system can help but be skeptical. I have seen grown men weep when confronted with the reality of these technologies.

I have also seen and felt the tears shed by my colleagues and myself after whole laboratories have been forcibly cleaned out, confiscated and loaded onto trucks only to be driven into obscurity.

There is an urgent need for a new Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. This new Amendment would read, “At no time shall the Government of the People of the United States of America withhold any technology that is of vital interest to the health and well being of the People and of the Land of the People and of the Earth itself. Technologies, which can be used to generate electrical power without the combustion of carbon based fuels, without pollution, without reliance of variable sources of energy such as wind and Sun or toxic sources of energy such as nuclear power, shall be used without hesitation for the benefit of the People under penalty of law. Obstruction of the use of such technologies for the common good shall be construed as an act of treason against People of the United States of America and even the Earth itself. Obstruction of the use of these technologies shall be hereby deemed a capital offence.”

The fact that this seems like a line out of a science-fiction movie is why I am telling all of my readers to buy your tents now. Buy good sleeping bags for yourselves and your children. Buy good portable reverse osmosis water purifiers, you need them. Buy warm clothes and backpacks to put them in. Get ready to camp out in one of the thousands of tent cities that will all too soon dot the land unless we make the Will of the People crystal clear to those who claim to represent us.

Don’t idly threaten anyone. Show up. Be articulate. Be forcefully intelligent and well informed. Be clearly and unequivocally demanding.

Project Earth™ has always told you the same thing. We have never changed our message. For over thirty years the message has been and continues to be, “This is an Emergency. If this were a test our cities and towns, our farms and our wilderness would not be in the process of being reduced to rubble by melting glaciers, rising seas, by draught, by wildfires, by deluge, by floods, by unprecedented winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, ever increasing earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions.”

“This is an Emergency, wake up now before you too are forced to burn your furniture for firewood because the power grid has been shut down by the climatic disruption that brown-nosing, politically correct individuals, who falsely call themselves scientists deny is occurring. This is an Emergency. The Time has come to choose between the road that leads to certain scarcity, poverty, terrible disease and death or the road, which leads to intrinsic abundance and fulfilling Life.”

No one can make that choice for us. We must choose. Right now. Let the President and the Congress of the People of the United States of America and all of the governments of this world who have so poorly served the interests of the People of Earth know that We Really Have Had Enough. Don’t tell us you are changing and then refuse us the solutions, which already exist in secret. We say to the governments of Earth, “Serve Life and Liberty or get out of our way. Do it now.”

Pass this article on to as many people as you can reach. Do that like there is no tomorrow. We have told you for many years that it would soon come to this.

Now the Time Is Come. Vote with your computers. Vote with your telephones. Vote with your pens and paper. Vote with your actions.

Never instigate violence but also never refuse to defend yourselves against the tyranny of the global corporate hegemony, which even now attempts to save itself by putting us all into ever-deeper debt to the enemies of Earth. Do this or there is no tomorrow. This is the Urgency of Now.

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