Feeling a bit uneasy here lately?

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Adam Trombly - 2/3/2012 --

Feeling a bit uneasy here lately? Feeling even more unsettled that you can justify merely on the basis of the terrible constant display of lies and obfuscations on the corporate news? You may be feeling it because an earthquake or volcanic eruption is about to happen. It might also be because of a major solar flare and its impact on the Earth. You may well be feeling the deep disruption in our planet’s entire magnetic field due to the accelerating decay of our planetary dipole field.

You see, our magnetic shield is decaying rather rapidly and although this does get noted from time to time in the scientific literature there is hardly a word in the news. There has been random mention in some newspapers or on the National Geographic Channel. (Thank God for National Geographic)

One of the early endeavors engaged in by Project Earth starting back in the early eighties was to find a new approach to earthquake forecasting through monitoring of the resonant field of Earth. Our late patron R.J. Reynolds III provided support for our efforts and those of our pioneering colleagues Elizabeth Rauscher and Bill Van Bise.

These two had noticed something unusual in the Extremely Low Frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum just prior to the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. I had written Josh Reynolds about some theoretical work I was involved with regarding what might underlie the symptoms some people and many of our fellow creatures experience prior to earthquakes.

Josh put Elizabeth and Bill and I together and we in turn considered what we were seeing on the tiny green screen of an ELF signal analyzer. There were patterns in the background noise that we began to notice prior to quakes and eruptions. The discovery of a specific frequency for Mount St. Helens was like a rosetta stone of sorts. It indicated a coordinate from which other coordinates might be derived from observation.

Because of this discovery we began to decipher the language of the Earth. The moans and wails of her process marched across our little green screens. Acute pressure on faults resulted in the expression of excitation lines in the ELF spectra at specific frequencies. These “spikes” stand up against the normal background noise. Remember, there is a direct correlation between a given frequency and a location on the surface of the crust.

The electrical context of the local crust changes before a quake because the acute stress/strain being exerted upon the rock in that given location causes a Piezo electric response in the granite and/or basalt beneath our feet. It’s the quartz in the granite that most of us are standing on that responds to the acute pressure at a lock on a fault by expressing electrical current. The ground, which is normally of a positive polarity, becomes more and more negative and emissive prior to the release of that stress/strain. That is what we see as an excitation line on a spectrum analyzer when properly tuned to the Earth.

After a few successes we were emboldened to include these results in lectures as we travelled around the globe from venue to venue on the lecture circuit. There was an outpouring of interest and a rather vocal outpouring of attacks on the fledgling science we were exploring. A lecture I was to give at an auditorium at UCLA was even momentarily cancelled because of the outcry from some scientists against our methodology.

However, a large quake we were predicting for LA, i.e. the Whittier Quake occurred at 7:42 a.m. (PDT) on October 1, 1987 and suddenly I was back on the podium speaking to packed houses. That was over a quarter century ago and earthquake forecasting is still shunned by many in the scientific community.

One of the more interesting things we discovered through the growing Project Earth™ Network was that many more people than we ever expected had symptoms before quakes or during massive solar events. Anxiety attacks, aggravated emotional states, increased frequency of heart attacks, premature labor, domestic and general violence, road rage, nausea, flu like symptoms without the flu, an increased loss of equilibrium and so on.

Participants in the Project Earth™ Network gathered data from hospitals and police departments proximate to quakes and sometimes even at considerable distances over a thousand miles from the epicenters. What is revealed by the data is something we all need to know about today more than ever. It is simply that disturbances to the resonant geometry of the Earth’s magnetic field really effect us. We want to get away, you know, get some space.

We evolved on the Earth and we have a profound macro-scale entanglement with our planet that causes us to feel strong changes in the normal electromagnetic background noise as threatening. We have become so dissociated from our “instincts” that we do not have a clue what we are feeling. We take pills and see shrinks and blame others when the whole time the Earth and Sun are changing in ways our cells remember from long ago or perhaps have never felt before.

Some scientists call the primary response to such electromagnetic disturbances “fight or flight”. You may feel really angry with your spouse or coworkers for no apparent reason. We want to get the hell out of wherever we happen to be. It seems reasonable to strike out.

When we begin to understand that this reaction is actually based on a physical stimulus we can take more responsibility not to project our fear and upset onto others. Wars start this way. We know this because of historical patterns of conflicts, which can be correlated with peaks in solar cycles and the magnetic storming they induce.

It is important to note that our Sun is an unstable magnetic variable, which reverses its polarity every nine to twelve years. We call this the “sunspot cycle” but it is far more than what we were systematically uneducated to imagine. Solar north becomes south and vice versa every nine to twelve years. Some of us believe that this is because the core of the Sun flips over during these cycles. Since we are inductively coupled to our star our planet’s polarity gets confused, and partially degaussed. Huge mass ejections are propelled by solar flares, which appear in the atmosphere of the Sun where the local magnetic field is weakened or disturbed.

When massive flares and Coronal mass ejections happen the Earth can be bombarded with very energetic particles and waves of magnetic energy. This causes more disturbances to and weakening in our own field. Eventually, which means right now, the material, which forms the medium of coupling between the inner core and outer core of our planet, goes into what I call a viscous crisis. It becomes more fluid.

10480 21208121502This melting results in greater and slippage of the inner core within the outer. The magnetic poles wander, as the inner core responds more and more differentially to Solar and Lunar Gravitational stresses. Magnetic anomalies such as the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly grow larger and expand more rapidly as the melting increases. The Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis are seen further and further from the old poles. Eventually the inner core can actually flip over or shift dramatically.

One would hope that the governments of the world, some of whose leaders know that some version of this process is happening right now, would educate the public and unify all peoples in a planetary effort to prepare for this change and even to find a way to slow it down to give us more time to become human. They might even allow for the implementation for civilian use of real alternative energy technologies instead of the rather archaic technologies allowed today.

We are now acutely entering into a more active part of the solar cycle, so we all need to be especially very aware of how we are impacted by these disturbances. If we will put our attention on these phenomena intelligently, then we can take more responsibility for our moods and actions as nations. By embodying such an intelligent response to our increasing difficult situation on this planet, we might even give peace a chance.

I want to be clear that I am not suggesting that we should endlessly justify our emotional instabilities or outbursts because of this. I am suggesting that we can observe our connectedness to the Earth and the Sun such that we take those energetic variables into account in the equations of our emotional and behavioral lives together.

You may observe that you feel like crap. You’re cranky and spiteful or just fearful and more paranoid than normal. Your anxiety about the “end of the world” may feel off the scale… You get the picture.

thirtyCheck the database provided by the United States Government at the Space Environment website. See if what you feeling may be effected by a magnetic storm or a radiation storm or both. Look also at the NEIS site and watch the pattern and frequency of earthquakes. See how you feel during periods of earthquake swarming. The main instruments you need are your body and your discriminating mind.

It is also essential to take your own personal level of toxicity into account. After all, you might just be hung over.

Adam Trombly

Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen

Project Earth



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