Make Your Voice Heard

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Everyone in the United States needs to stay on top of the issue of Detaining Americans Indefinitely. We are asking that anyone who is a registered voter writes a physical letter to their Senators. Every physical letter is counted as five thousand potential votes. We need to give a "Mister Smith Goes to Washington" moment to what is supposed to be the Congress of the People of the United States of America. Let's give them a wake up call. It is worth the trees which are used to make the paper.

URGENT: Sign Mark Udall's petition "20,000 Strong Against Detaining Americans Indefinitely on U.S. S

TODAY, the Senate will begin voting on amendments to the Defense bill which contains new provisions that could allow the U.S. military to capture and indefinitely detain American citizens, even here on U.S. soil. This is wrong. Sign Mark Udall's petition to strip out these problematic new laws!