Operation Global Cooling

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May 17, 2008 - No matter what the pundits say, the handwriting is in the skies above us in the form of strange grid patterns of chemtrails-contrails that often obscure the sunshine even at midday. That script bears a surreal, new, chemically induced, refractive iridescence many of us have observed coloring our skies without explanation.

Not long ago I was on a plane from LA to Denver. It was about 7:30 AM Mountain Standard Time. As often happens in this time of deep climate disruption our plane was violently shaken by turbulence. However, this turbulence was not “normal”. We had in fact just flown through the jet wake of a huge tanker plane. We had just survived a near collision in the cold morning skies above the Rocky Mountains so white in the morning light, blanketed with unprecedented depths of snow, which had fallen on the slopes below. I looked out of my window directly into a thick plume of dense aerosol, which was spraying out from huge “shower heads” behind the offending tanker.
5/15/08 - I, like many of you, have been hearing about and seeing “chemtrails” in the skies above the United States and Europe for several years but this is the first time I had actually seen one of the delivery systems up close.

Just a week before this flight I had received reports from contacts in Germany of a German Air Force pilot who had blown the whistle regarding an aerial spraying campaign in the skies above Germany. He told a German Evening News program that the goal of this high altitude aerosol-spraying program is to counterbalance the greenhouse effect. The pilot claimed that the atmospheric spraying he and his cohorts are engaged in is a “cooperative effort” with the United States and member nations of the European Union.

The participants spray an ionically polymer-bound brew of hyperfine quartz dust, alumina silicate, sulfate*, silver nitrate and a silica polymer, which helps the “chemtrails/contrails” to stabilize in the tropopause region of our atmosphere between the troposphere and the stratosphere. There, for a time, the lingering aerosol reflects sunlight into space. Then the ionically charged, nucleating particulate attracts water vapor from the air to form clouds. Voila! Torrents of rain or snow fall to the Earth below.

I am told that the most internationally acceptable name for this latest endeavor of the global military/industrial complex is “Operation Global Cooling” also "geo-engineering." If it hadn’t been for that one German pilot going public, who would have lifted the veil? Now an explanation for the sudden drop in global temperatures and other weather related disruptions this past winter begins to take shape. Unfortunately we can also begin to understand the negative side effects of this program as well.

If a similar program was done with real intelligence instead of the desperate excess of “Operation Global Cooling”, it might actually help bring back a symbolence of balance to the atmosphere of our troubled world. The emergency in our atmosphere is precipitous and requires extremely intelligent and well-considered efforts toward remediation. It is within our power to do this properly. It is also within our power to implement extremely efficient, cost effective and non-polluting alternative methods of power generation that will put an end to the politics of scarcity created by the myopic greed of the global corporate hegemony.

Who has oversight of “Operation Global Cooling”? It seems that the information about it is being suppressed by a tiny, exclusive group of executives, senators, representatives, parliamentarians, prime ministers, chancellors, premiers and presidents. These servants of a small, delusional “elite” seem to think that the most important question to be asked regarding this covert attempt to cover multinational corporate liability for the unfolding global atmospheric catastrophe is which corporation gets the contract to build the aerosol spraying tankers: Boeing or Airbus?

No matter what the pundits say, the handwriting is in the skies above us in the form of strange grid patterns of chemtrails/contrails that often obscure the sunshine even at midday. That script bears a surreal, new, chemically induced, refractive iridescence many of us have observed coloring our skies without explanation.

Right now we need to start asking real questions. Why has there been unprecedented snowfall in the Rockies and other regions throughout the Northern Hemisphere this last winter? Why is the winter of 2008 is so prolonged? What is causing torrential downpours and blizzards in April?

Is “Operation Global Cooling” causing widespread flooding? Is it a primary cause of the 40 degree Fahrenheit temperature differentials now common between weather fronts? Those same “weather fronts” are causing monster storms, tornadoes and winds. Does the international corporate hegemony comprehend or care about any of these side effects? Do they even care about the loss of much of this year’s crop of winter wheat? The “surplus” cupboards are almost completely empty worldwide.

Hundreds of millions of poor people throughout the world are finding it more and more difficult to feed their families. There are bloody food riots breaking out across the globe. There are whole regions of countries going into chaos over empty breadbaskets.

The piles of storm caused rubble grow higher by the month from Tulsa to Hamburg, from Los Angeles to Beijing, from Birmingham to Delhi. We the People are expected to remain silently subservient to those who promise a bountiful future while they parasitize and disrupt our entire planet.

If the “greenhouse effect” is real, then why is it suddenly so cold? The answer is simple. Just look up. The confessions of guilt are signed in our skies.

Adam Trombly

See PROJECT EARTH RESOURCE DATA SHEET - ChemTrails for more info

Since Operation Global Cooling was published a few weeks ago an article appeared in New Scientist, which articulates another major danger of "Operation Global Cooling."

This article sums up the exacerbation of stratospheric ozone depletion that could occur as the result of this program. It refers to an article by Simone Tilmes published recently in Science. The article can be found here.

As too often occurs in the body politic of Science today the author(s) do not seem to be aware that this program has been in play for several years. I am informed by good sources that there is actually a *rather high sulfate content in the aerosol that is being sprayed over the Northern Hemisphere. I was unaware of this fact. It is unbelievable to me that any atmospheric scientist could ever sign off on the use of sulfates in "Operation Global Cooling." Thankfully Simone Tilmes of NCAR is not a scientist who would.

The bottom line here is that this information makes it even more extremely urgent that this program we are calling "Operation Global Cooling" needs to be stopped immediately no matter what the cost.

The fact that Edward Teller came up with the idea for what he called Planetary Sunshade is really not at all surprising. We used to call him Dr. Strangelove and/or Dr. Death when I was a student. Teller was the scientist who derided both Einstein and Oppenheimer for their opposition to the development of thermo-nuclear weapons, which of course was the next step after the initial development of the “atomic bomb.”

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