In Memorium - Matthew Simmons and the Death of the Gulf of Mexico.

August 9, 2011 - The murder of friend and colleague Matthew Simmons is a tragedy that strikes right at Freedom of Speech.

This link leads to an interview Matthew gave on Bloomberg Television, of which he said, "They may well kill me for this." Indeed Matthew was found dead on Sunday last in his hot tub in Maine. Although his death is being called "accidental" I think you will agree that what he is saying so contradicts the misrepresentations by BP and it's cohorts in the Obama Administration that "accidental" is hardly the appropriate word to use.

It is essential to realize that this man was the insiders insider in the oil and gas industry. He was also a champion of alternative energy during more recent times. Matthew was a man whose testimony counted to anyone who knew him. His gravitas was unmatched by any of the lying sycophants who posture themselves for the media day in and day out regarding this tragedy. His testimony is not some casual statement; it is a statement of fact and if we don't hear him and demand that our Government acts in a manner appropriate to the situation as it is then the price will be the death of the Gulf of Mexico and all that that means to our planet and our economy. The Obama Administration needs to be called on the carpet by both Democrats and Republicans for their implicit collusion in this most horrible of lies. To say that 75% percent of the oil from this ongoing catastrophe is gone is the one of the greatest lies ever told in history.

Caveat: Ignore this testimony and this death at your own peril.