The Macondo Monkey on BP's Back

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Down in the Gulf, oil still is bubbling to the surface near BP’s disastrous Macondo well. Local fishermen know it, environmental watchdogs know it, local journalists know it. Now, five weeks after it was first spotted, the government knows it too. Following repeated BP denials that its well is leaking, the feds have finally taken action. They’ve ordered Transocean to investigate the mile of Deepwater Horizon riser pipeline that lies crinkled on the ocean bottom, blown to pieces by last year’s catastrophic well explosion.

The oil that meanders in miles long slicks near the Macondo oil field and in other areas offshore does not appear to be the thick viscous Louisiana crude that tarred the Gulf coast last year. Instead it seems to be made up mostly of oil sheens that float along in long rivers, moving with the waves like an oily ghost that refuses to leave its haunted home. A month ago, the Mobile Press-Register took video and samples of the oil that appeared to bubble up near the Deepwater Horizon site and later were linked directly to BP’s Macondo well

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