Canary Islands Volcanic Eruption: Hundreds Remain Evacuated

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Spain's Instituto Geographico Nacional (IGN) confirmed on Tuesday that an underwater eruption was occurring about three miles off the southern coastline of El Hierro.
Roughly 600 people were evacuated Tuesday on Spain's El Hierro Island in the Canaries due to the eruption of a nearby underwater volcano. They remained outside their homes on Wednesday as authorities feared an impending eruption.

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco. Local authorities announced on Tuesday that residents and tourists would be evacuated from the village of La Restinga because of the risk of another eruption closer to the coast.
La Restinga is the southernmost town in the Canaries.El Hierro has experienced over 10,000 earthquakes since July 19, a signal that magma is rising toward the Earth's surface.

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