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It's amazing how many intelligent & well-educated people are STILL ignoring the evidence and deluding themselves that recent climate change is natural. Regardless how you feel about "climate change", we need to stop pollution as a whole. there are rivers and lakes that are unusable because of pollution. trees are dying from air and soil pollutants. the ocean is treated like a sewer and a buffet. chemicals are turning animals into freaks of nature. God, mother nature, evolution, etc had it right, we need to just stop messing it

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Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas

Russian research team astonished after finding 'fountains' of methane bubbling to surface

Dramatic and unprecedented plumes of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide – have been seen bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Ocean by scientists undertaking an extensive survey of the region.

The scale and volume of the methane release has astonished the head of the Russian research team who has been surveying the seabed of the

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The Most Important News Story of the Day/Millennium

The most important piece of news yesterday, this week, this month, and this year was a new set of statistics released yesterday by the Global Carbon Project. It showed that carbon emissions from our planet had increased 5.9 percent between 2009 and 2010. In fact, it was arguably among the most important pieces of data in the last, oh, three centuries, since according to the New York Times it represented “almost certainly the largest absolute jump in any year since the Industrial Revolution.”

What it means, in climate

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Which nations are really responsible for climate change - interactive map

There are many ways to view the world's carbon emissions: by national totals or emissions per person; by current carbon output or historical emissions; by production of greenhouse gases or consumption of goods and services; by absolute emissions or economic carbon intensity.

(This) interactive map allows you to browse all of these different measurements, each of which provides a different insight. Together they highlight the complexity of divvying up responsibility for climate

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Did fracking kill Dunkard Creek?


After oil and gas extraction arrived in southwest Pennsylvania, a massive fill kill occurred.


In late August 2009, dead fish began washing up in Dunkard Creek, a small river that runs through West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. During the next month about 22,000 fish washed ashore (some estimates say as many as 65,000 died). At least 14 species of freshwater mussels – the river’s entire population – were destroyed, wiping out nearly every aquatic species along a 35-mile stretch of the waterway.

“That’s the ultimate tragedy,” says Frank Jernejcic, a fisheries

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Is the modern industrial food system “in collapse”?

A billion people hungry, another billion malnourished, and a billion ‘overfed’ sounds like a problem... 

If you are one of the majority of people who seem to believe that somehow the food in the grocery store will always be plentiful, will always be cheap, and somehow is actually good for you – you should read Empires of Food.   Most astute observers of the modern industrial food and farming system recognize that the industrial food system is harmful to people, society and the earth….  and is vulnerable to collapse.



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Drilling through the lies 

Brazil’s first taste of a deepwater oil drilling blowout this week has demonstrated one thing above all else – just like you can’t trust the nuclear industry neither can you trust the word of big oil.

Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company intending to drill for oil in up to 3100 metres of water off New Zealand’s East Cape, is the part-owner of the affected oil field northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the oil blowout has occurred.
On the 8th November a deepwater

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Some Watermen Quit After Massive Oyster Die-Off

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A massive die-off of oysters in the Chesapeake is placing livelihoods on the brink.

Alex DeMetrick reports some watermen are already calling it quits.

Every oyster season will turn up empty shells and dead oysters, but this year was worse than normal.

“Some of the bars were 100 percent dead. We didn’t find a live oyster at all,” said waterman Barry Sweitzer.

Watermen say the Chesapeake north of the bay has become an oyster graveyard. They blame the massive runoff from

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Global warning: climate sceptics are winning the battle

Father of the green movement says scientists lack PR skills to make public listen

Climate sceptics are winning the argument with the public over global warming, the world's most celebrated climate scientist, James Hansen of NASA, said in London yesterday.

It is happening even though climate science itself is becoming ever clearer in showing that the earth is in increasing danger from rising temperatures, said Dr Hansen, who heads NASA's Goddard Institute of Space

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Canary Islands Volcanic Eruption: Hundreds Remain Evacuated

Spain's Instituto Geographico Nacional (IGN) confirmed on Tuesday that an underwater eruption was occurring about three miles off the southern coastline of El Hierro.
Roughly 600 people were evacuated Tuesday on Spain's El Hierro Island in the Canaries due to the eruption of a nearby underwater volcano. They remained outside their homes on Wednesday as authorities feared an impending eruption.

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Coronal Mass Ejection: Explosion Occurs Moments After Comet Hits Sun

The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a satellite monitoring the sun, caught an amazing scene over the weekend: A comet slammed into the sun, and then, a few minutes later, a solar explosion occurred.The video, created by a sequence of images and available above, could be out of a Hollywood blockbuster. It shows a fiery comet approaching and appearing to collide with the sun and, seconds after the collision, the sun emits a huge blast from the other side.

The video creates the impression that

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2011 Arctic Ozone Loss 'Unprecedented'


WASHINGTON, DC, October 3, 2011 (ENS) - Earth's protective ozone layer above the Arctic was pierced by a hole of unprecedented size last winter and spring caused by a long cold period in the stratosphere, finds new research led by scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA.

The hole covered 772,204 square miles (two million square kilometers) - about the size of Mexico - and allowed high levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation to strike northern Canada, Europe and Russia this spring, the researchers

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The Macondo Monkey on BP's Back

Down in the Gulf, oil still is bubbling to the surface near BP’s disastrous Macondo well. Local fishermen know it, environmental watchdogs know it, local journalists know it. Now, five weeks after it was first spotted, the government knows it too. Following repeated BP denials that its well is leaking, the feds have finally taken action. They’ve ordered Transocean to investigate the mile of Deepwater Horizon riser pipeline that lies crinkled on the ocean bottom, blown to pieces by last year’s

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