Conducting Magnetic Cylinder

"Generation of Electrical Power from Absolute Vacuum by High Speed Rotation"

by Paramahamea Tewari 
Department of Atomic Energy Nuclear Power Board Bombay, India

"The key feature (of) this issue (is) the analysis of the international patent for a machine with an "output power greater than input" by Adam Trombly and Joseph Kahn of ACME Energy Company of San Rafael, California. Thanks to this particular patent the annals of patent law have been provided an outstanding case of what a patent should be. The essential criterion of a patent is that someone may duplicate the art from the patent documents alone and the actual art will work precisely as the documents say. The Trombly-Kahn "homopolar generator" patent, the one that had a "gag order" slapped on it by federal authority, came out under intrnational rules and a scientist in India was able to duplicate the art from the patent documents. This may be a "first" and a case for history books. In our August issue we inadvertently presented the duplication and the analysis of Trombly's work as the work of Paramahamea Tewari of Bombay as a Tewari patent. THAT WAS AN ERROR. 

August 1986 - "The following application is for an "over-unity" electrical generation device. The Patent applicant acknowledges the work of Adam Trombly and Joseph Kahn, of the ACME Energy Company in San Rafael, California, on a "Closed Path Homopolar MAchine," and the critique of that work by Bruce DePalma, of Santa Barbara, California.

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