Adam replies to correspondence


On 6/14/08 Karen wrote:

"...I keep hoping I can back off ... and go to the bank before it closes. But, quickly:

Al Gore's message was a success because:

1. He had international name recognition.

2. He honed the presentation for a couple of years in speaking engagements.

3. He had/has great stage presence, very entertaining.

4. He put together financial backing and top-notch technical (ppt-to-film) support.

5. While he was 'associated' with enviro concerns before AIT, he was still seen as mainstream. Ergo, when he delivered the message, it had even more weight. 'See, even Al Gore believes this is true, and, what's more, he's got those nifty charts and statistics to back up what he says!'

You may have to look outside the group for someone who can carry the message public. Richard Branson would be the ideal person (knowing about planes, and all), if you could convince him there's something to be concerned about. Only half joking here.

Think of 'who could carry the message to a doubt-ridden public'".

6/9/08 Adam Trombly responses:


The entire planet is now unstable because politically “correct” people have continually watered down the message and therefore the impact of the warnings regarding the Emergency on Earth. Some people, it seems, think that the message regarding our collective and extremely dire situation can be diluted to accommodate the sleepy. Unfortunately for us all the Earth is not polite in her response to our abuse. This week in the United States we saw over two hundred tornadoes, many of them offendingly huge and catastrophically profane.

We stand on the deck of the Titanic which has already hit the iceberg and is definitely sinking. The majority of our fellow passengers are trying to protect their deck chairs, while drinking their anesthetizing cocktails and gossiping as if nothing is happening at all. The ship is listing to port and yet they try to cover their eyes and ignore the Earth's shaking and the winds which are blowing their careful social faces away. When I use terms like “ass-kissing” those words are meant to have a “wake up call” value.

Mr. Gore is polite but I am afraid his polity, while it makes him popular with the easily offended is two parts truth and one part political feces. He is the one who as “conveniently” avoided the subject of real solutions ever since he and I first met after a lecture I gave at Johns Hopkins University twenty years ago when he greeted me with grateful tears for the “wake up call” he claimed to have just received. It was at this speech that Al was introduced to a very impolite series of manned space flight photos detailing the sadomasochistic abuse of the Earth. All the while mediocre sycophants politely,voyeuristically look on, waiting for a soap salesman to come to their doors and sell them the real truth for which they patently have no interest whatsoever.

Gore’s karma for his polity was to have the Presidency of the United States of America rudely stolen from him and from the majority of Americans who actually voted for him. He claimed he was concerned about creating a “Constitutional Crisis’” as he stood by and watched our Constitution ripped to shreds. He sure can sell soap though. He has reaped a couple of hundred million dollars while the Earth has not been healed much at all because he does not have the courage to actually speak the whole truth and not just the part that allows people to talk in their sleep as if they were awake.

In the mean time the very impolite wind may blow away all of our farms and cities and towns. A very rude earthquake may be required to get the attention of some others who think they can commit genocide and blackmail an entire planet to death while they poison us all with leaded toys and all of the other contaminated products of their greed. A very crude and destructive tornado may very well appear suddenly at the gates of the village of mediocrity and blow it away without the slightest apology.

You see Karen the real Truth is really inconvenient. It is really very inconsiderate of our “feelings” and “sensibilities”. We as a species have only just begun to reap what we have sown. I have spent the vast majority of my adult life warning the People of the Earth about what they are creating while the majority look the other way.

I have always offered real solutions and not fake ones only meant not to offend those condemned to ignoble deaths at the hands of the international corporate hegemony. Al Gore thanked me and then tried to dilute the message of the vintage where the Grapes of Wrath are stored. The winds, the torrents of rain, the merciless droughts, unhealed ozone layer and the trembling Earth testify to the polite accommodation of Terracide.

I pray that you and your friends actually wake up before the Wounded Earth mortally offends us all.