First Things First

First Things First


EDITORS NOTE: 8/24/2007
Project Earth™ ONLINE recently received an email asking a timely question.

A man "searching for information on alternative energy, solar cells and such ... discovered the “free energy” and “zero point energy” interview with Adam. He thought " was odd that for a person who spoke so much about the power of love that so much of the site focused on 'political science' and conspiracy stuff."  He ends with "If I had your skills, I’d surely be pursing clean energy more than dirty politics."

As Adam states in the following response that is the question for these times...

8/24/07 - Dear Sir, Thank you for your feedback, even if it is critical. You are correct in some ways. It is a shame that I have to write about these difficult realities. I write the way I do at this point because frankly our country whose virtues you praise has been taken over by criminals. This is not simply about “bush hating”. This is about complacency on the part of otherwise apparently intelligent individuals regarding the actual state of our planet and our country.

When I received a call from a National Guardsman who was serving in the Gulf States after Katrina now nearly two years ago, tearfully telling me about loading the bodies of victims of Hurricane Katrina into eighteen wheeler refrigerator trucks ( “like so much meat. If you know what I mean sir.” ) so that those "bodies could be disposed of" by anonymous cremation in some remote location I was aghast.  I realized that the same men who had seen fit to highjack this once great democracy (both in 2000 and then again in 2004) by every means of fraud and intimidation at their disposal, were now asking brave young men in our Nation’s service to participate in a crime of enormous proportions. Our young men and women in Iraq have also been and continue to be exploited on a minute by minute basis in a war that was justified by lies and liars.

You can write me and tell me to be less political and make better use of my skills. That is your prerogative.

When I first entered into "exotic" energy research almost thirty years ago I had hoped that intelligent investors might actually come to the plate both financially and politically on the scale that the times demanded. I was blessed to be well funded in my research and in turn I was also blessed with wonderful successes in terms of the results. However, from 1980 onwards there has been unbelievable interference in my life as the result of those successes. I am not alone in this experience. Most of my friends and mentors are now dead. They, before me, received similar treatment from our “government” and more nefarious corporate interests who continue to seek the perpetuation of their earth destroying agenda.

My “apolitical” mentor R. Buckminster Fuller was nearly despondent just a few weeks before his death. He told me that he was “so grateful to have lived long enough to see an actual physical demonstration of this generator which produced before my very eyes a 4:1 output/input ratio with no fuel, source material, wind, water, sun or hot air”. He went on to say “It is just wonderful, just wonderful. However, I am saddened, profoundly saddened to say that your life may not get easier because of this astonishing achievement. I have always told you that you can do anything you put your mind to and you took that advice to heart and just look at you now. I am afraid that the multinational mega-corporate interests that are quickly usurping all the political, economic and environmental capital on this planet will not be supportive of you or your technology unless you play their game. I know that you turned down Justin Dart because he wanted you to help develop weapons systems based on your invention. I also know that you have discovered something suspicious about this 'Navy man' who you are in business with. Why would he say, “You will have no rest until your participation with us in this energy matter is settled once and for all.”? Why would he say that if he meant you well? You know I won’t be here to help you much longer. You will need great faith to continue and even then from the few conversations I have had with men whom I have learned to trust over long periods of time the prognosis for your future and that of our beloved Spaceship Earth is not very good. This artifact of yours and those that have preceded it could have facilitated a most abundant epoch. My friends tell me that in spite of this obvious fact that you will be lucky to survive at all outside of a very restrictive and all too secret government domain.” Bucky was dead a few weeks later. This was incredibly unnerving for me. He had always been an incredible optimist and had made his life an example of what could be accomplished with so little.

Not long after that conversation it was revealed to me by a senior fellow inventor that the “Navy man” was actually his handler and a Captain in Naval Intelligence. That friend and fellow explorer of this new source of electrical power was Ed Grey. Look him up. He was a wonderful guy. He was kept under house arrest in a remote area of Idaho until his death. He warned me that his jailer was “the Captain” and that unless I wished to live under house arrest for the rest of my life I should, “run like hell”.  He died designing electro/magnetic bazookas and other weapons systems instead of technologies that would have been of incalculable value to our country and our planet. I personally worked with him on a motor/generator that had an 18:1 output/input ratio. It was a beautiful technology and one that should have demonstrated the true greatness of the United States of America. I told the Captain to go fuck himself.

Two weeks after Bucky’s death. I received a very official looking letter that forbade me from communicating any technical details of the Closed Path Homopolar Generator to anyone at any time under severe penalty of law. I was also told by “the Captain” that the fifty percent stake in my computer company was no longer mine. I was thirty-two with a wife and a beautiful young daughter. My company, Intelligent Data Systems (InDaSys) (look it up in the D+B for 1982 or 1983) was gone. I was being surveiled 24/7 not covertly but very overtly.  I had a wonderful home but I could no longer afford it nor the utility bills for it. I turned to the Divine Presence for help.

Once again I found myself the recipient of an incredible blessing. While in the midst of very fervent prayer my phone rang. The caller was none other than R. J. Reynolds III. He informed me that I had been nominated to receive the R.J. Reynolds Endowment for Scholars. He told me that less than three percent of those nominated actually received the full award. I told him that that was all nice but that I and my family were in an emergency and I had no time to pursue any “award”. He asked how much I needed to take my mind off of my personal crisis and I told him. The very next day a cashiers check for that exact amount and tickets to North Carolina arrived in FedEx.

For ten days of the next two weeks I was tested daily during my walks on the Reynolds estate by consultants hired by Josh. I was orally tested on every subject related to my work by well paid experts. As my friend and witness Lee Sannella can attest, Josh came to the cabin in which we stayed on his 12,000 acre estate at Devotion, North Carolina and announced that I had “passed the test” and that I would be the recipient of the full endowment.

I won’t bore you with the ensuing 23+ years since that day. I will say that I have survived more very real and often very painful attempts on my life than I care to recount. I am also blessed to be able to say that I have accomplished many things for the benefit of our very tortured planet and my fellow passengers on it. However, nothing I or anyone else has done has come close to what is needed.

It is not just these Archons of the stolen Executive Branch of our government who have prevented what could have been. It is also politically correct scientists who in their mediocrity usurp attention and funding from projects that could help us all have a very wonderful future. I promise you that that future will not come as the result of hybrid cars, ethanol, biodeisel, nuclear, wind or solar. All of those technologies, even if developed at break neck speed can not save the earth from the inevitable consequences of our actions as a species.

I have spent countless hours devoted to the research into and the development of very real technologies. I have also spent too many years recovering from various attacks on my physical person.

So Sir, if you thought you knew anything about my life or my efforts on your behalf then I hope this not so quick note will clarify the picture for you.

Adam Trombly