Don't Drink the Water

Don't Drink the Water

6/25/08 - I have been on the road now for a few weeks. I have seen the growing disruption that the increasingly unstable climate is having on people and the entire machinery of the "complex". Flights are delayed and rerouted to go around the weather systems brought to us by the unprecedented build up greenhouse gases in our atmosphere (which retain heat) vs. Operation Global Cooling (which reflects sunlight into space). At the clash of the titanic weather fronts created by this subterfuge, monster "tornadoes", fantastically strong winds, torrential downpours and flooding are sinking the American dream.

It is a disaster in progress. A respite of even a few days and millions do what they can to go back to sleep. My writing has definitely not made me popular with either the republicans or many of the ever so compliant democrats. I have declared my Independence.

It is amazing to me that the Democrats are so entranced. I was just conversing at a conference the other day and people were genuinely surprised to find out that the Democratic Party in Florida had not been "bad" and was not in need of the punishment meted out by the DNC.

Like millions of Americans they had somehow misconstrued the fact that the Florida republican state legislature and that state's republican governor made the decision to move the primary date to a time that was contrary to Democratic Party rules. These people are so dumbed down that they don't see that they are being herded. It really is Karl Rove's Dream. All over the country and the world I see the increasing dullness of the inmates of the global Auschwitz. I tell people, "Don't drink the water". Tap water is the Kool-Aid of the cult of mediocrity. 

Fluoride was first used in the drinking water at Auschwitz and other concentration camps to tranquilize the inmates. It is said that just days after they ran out of Fluoride at Treblinka the inmates rose up and seized control of the camp. Will we?

Now the wardens have added Prozac, Zoloft and other mind control agents to the water. They synchronize entrainment through our televisions during all major media events like the NBA playoffs and the Super Bowl. HAARP, the ground wave transmission system and even the power grid, which reaches into our homes, are also used to enhance perception management. 

It is true that there are still brilliant moments. There are many lovely people who are not nearly as dumbed down as many Americans. I have seen many joyful beings who still feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the Buddha Nature and the seamlessness which transcends all systems of belief.
 There are rumors of plans afoot to eliminate eighty percent of this species. However, the "elite" who are directing the plan from safely behind the scenes are utterly insane. I am not speaking of the "rich" per se. Most of the prosperous have no more idea what is going on than the average wage earner. There is a very tiny and extremely wealthy group (not nearly as many as the "six thousand" now referred to as the "super class") who are ordering and profiting by our collective demise. 
 We have been offered every form of solution and yet not one has been implemented. The program for the destruction of Earth has such momentum that most attempts to help are insufficient.

Politicians speak of hope but offer no true solutions. They exploit the despair of the People and whip up a messianic fervor in their followers. Then they proffer the same tired old technologies and stratagems. As a result their pantomime cannot save any of us from the chaos they create without conscience.

Have you noticed the recent advertising campaigns in all major cities to encourage us to drink the water? Do yourself a favor. Don't Drink the Water.