Being The Physics of Love

Being The Physics of Love


January 19, 2009 - Is Infinity real to you? Do you remember to feel way beyond your skin, way beyond all sense of containment whatsoever?

Exposure to the toxins of this world (and too much meditation upon them) should not be allowed to usurp our attention from the Boundless Luminosity of Infinite Being.

We need to take time every day to simply rest all of our attention from the bad news created in a globally bankrupt culture of lovelessness. We need to truly relax beyond the stress, beyond the tension of the refusal of Love. We can not remain intelligent unless we do this.

Wherever we are (or think that we are) the Light that is Infinitely Present Everywhere is well... Infinitely Present. It is important to have this pointed out when we forget the Presence of Our Own Natural State. Remembrance only occurs when we relax into Seamlessness. Ah! Feel this. Ah! Let this dissolve all sense of separation. Ah!

This is what I do when I get too caught up in the details of corruption which are so readily accessible on Earth at this time of the dividing of the way. Those who learn to relax beyond all sense of separation become the realization of the communication of loving intelligence in the midst of Infinity. This is what I mean by Be the Technology.

There is a process in the physics of phenomenal manifestation which is utterly revolutionary when we learn to rest in the Presence of Luminous Space. When the bubble of subjective cavitation dissolves... Ah!

Let the Feeling of Infinite Being which is only Love, after all, wash over us and cleanse us and heal us. Only a miracle will heal the Earth. Only the concerted manifestation of Love represents the power necessary to transform this wounded vessel of life. This will be the Foundation for the New Earth.

The Green Phoenix of the New Earth will rise in the midst of the Brightness of Our Loving. The old world and all of its toxins will only be transformed through the unanimity of universal heart-felt and profound relaxation in the Presence of Love which cannot ultimately be territorialized by any belief system whatsoever.

There is a Physics which is so much more than lovelessness. We call it the Physics of Love. All worlds, all universes and all beings ultimately resolve into Brightness at last. This is the true mission of PROJECT EARTH™. Accept no substitutes.

Adam Trombly