In Defense of Al Gore

In Defense of Al Gore

I find myself having to come to the defense of Al Gore. I have to say something about the moronic comments that Michael Crichton recently made about Al Gore’s predictions about the climate. According to Mr. Crichton the weather is just going through a phase and Mr. Gore is basing his claims of imminent disaster on bad science and scaring people for no good reason. It is really like a chapter from one of Crichton’s own books.

3/27/07 - Best selling author of spy novels with heavy ties to the “intelligence” community is fed a lot of crap by certain members of that community and used as a mouthpiece for an insidious group of corporate interests whose agenda is alien to the good of all life. In the mean time those same interests are pulling every trick they can behind the scenes to diminish Mr. Gore’s credibility. The fact is that Al Gore was robbed of being the lawfully elected President of the United States by both the popular and the actual electoral vote of the People of the United States of America, largely because of his commitment to the Earth and her people.

I for one and many of my friends in the Project Earth™ Network wish that Mr. Gore would reconsider his run for the White House. None of the other candidates have dared to take the stand that Al Gore has taken. Not one of the other candidates has shown that kind of courage. Even though I do find much that could be improved about Mr. Gore’s currently stated “solutions” there is still no one else who holds a candle to him in the political theatre. I keep waiting for Hillary, Barack or John Edwards to take a public stand for the Earth. If they did perhaps we could stand with them. Not taking such a stand implies lying down for the corporate interests that kept Mr. Gore out of office in spite of the will of the People.

What these interests are really afraid of is that the People will wake up from their HAARP induced, Zoloft reinforced daze and rise up against the commandants of the corporate concentration camp which this renegade administration and still all too derelict Congress in Washington. D.C. seems so desperately trying to finish creating. When you notice those very dead looking members of Congress (you know the ones) you should understand that they are mostly just clones of their old selves, as the saying goes. They are obviously not human. They are obviously not loving or feeling/intelligent beings.

Speaking of the dead, have you seen Dick Cheney recently? He loves Crichton. He loves any marionette that mouths the correct empty rhetoric. He also loves the leadership of the recently conquered, nearly bloodless mega-corporate conquest, the country of Australia.

It seems those Aussie's now have their own HAARP in Western Australia. It also seems that those Aussie's are just as ignorant as most Americans are about HAARP's and the demons that play them. Of course Mr. Crichton would probably say that HAARP is just another harmless government experiment, you know, like the greenhouse effect or total planetary destabilization.

The truth is that as wonderful as Mr. Gore’s efforts are from a certain perspective we must all remember that Spaceship Earth is profoundly off course. Spaceship Earth is nearly one hundred and eighty degrees off course. You can blame it on the military/industrial complex acting as a proxy for alien agendas. You can even take some of the blame onto yourselves. Whomever we blame, the facts are no longer truly in dispute.

We are so off course at this point only the full truth will do. The earth is suffering from late forth stage ecological malignancy. Half assed measures will not put us back on course. We do not need more fake, politically convenient solutions, which like hybrid cars, promise but fail to deliver a sustainable future or for that matter even significant improvements in our gas mileage.

What we do need is someone to speak the truth about real solutions, about just how bad our planetary situation really is and how good it could be if we actually implement real solutions. We will not apply the correct medicine if we buy into patently failed policies like the Montreal Protocol, which some would have us believe was a “great success”.

That statement is just more political smack that someone used Mr. Gore’s movie to inject into our psyches. We can not continue to pretend that the stratospheric ozone layer can be healed by the pathetic excuse for a remediation called the Montreal Protocol. Our precious stratospheric ozone layer has not been and is not being healed. Do not be fooled. It is getting worse by the year. It will continue to get worse until we actually do something much more about it.

Mr. Gore needs to reread his own book The Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit. In that book he states, quite accurately, that the ozone in the stratosphere is being depleted because of numerous inputs and not just the effects of chlorofluorocarbons. He states that a major component contributing to ozone depletion is the reduction in the volume of oxygen reaching the stratosphere from the biosphere/troposphere because of a combination of deforestation, forest fires and carbon fuel combustion.

Perhaps if he had accurately cited and/or consulted with the real author of that atmospheric model his memory might not fail him now. He would then realize that he has been lied to by anyone who suggests that we can fix the major degradation to our life protecting membrane of stratospheric ozone with a band aid.

Mere rhetoric at this juncture will lead to a planetary fatal error that all of the money in the world will not heal. We need to do whatever it takes to shut down the old machines. We need to demand change. We need for the personnel in our military to help us fight the real terrorist threat which has been duly acknowledged by some of our real friends in the Pentagon in their report, An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and its Implications for United States National Security (PDF Download)

The authors of this report remind us that the greatest threat to our collective security is not Al Qaeda but the destabilization of the Global Climate. Mr. Crichton should read this good and scientifically well correlated report from the loyal Americans in the Pentagon.

We need to make an effective course correction. We need all hands on deck. We need to finally implement for civilian use technologies that the shadow government, referred to by Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, has already developed, when he said, "There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself".

What technologies has the shadow government developed at the expense of the American People? Well for one there has been an ongoing program for the development of technologies which utilize, “esoteric energies for propulsion including the zero point dynamic of vacuum space and various multidimensional theoretical developments offering sources of new energies previously unknown”. That quote comes directly from an unclassified United States Department of Defense: Program Solicitation for Fiscal Year 1986, on page 193, AF 86-77 and subsection 6.

This document is one of the few available to the public that establishes that this program exists within our government. Why are these technologies still suppressed?

I am calling for a rapid development, rapid manufacture and rapid deployment of these new technologies right now for the sake of all life on Earth. We need a real candidate for the Office of the President of Untied States of America who has the moral and political courage to use our taxpayers’ dollars for just such a program.

We must do this in order to remediate the damage that we have done to ourselves and to our planet. We are not running for office Mr. Gore. We are running for our lives.

Adam Trombly,