This is Our Body

This is Our Body


You and I live in a continuum. One of the ways to understand that we live in a continuum is to realize that the atom cannot exist, and you and I—who are made up of atoms—cannot exist, without respiring the energy of space, because we are dissipating energy into space. In other words, we and the atoms are dynamic processes totally interactive with all that surrounds us.

In 1962, John Archibald Wheeler, who is one of the deans of modern physics, calculated that the mass equivalent energy density of vacuum space is 10 to the 93rd power grams per cubic centimeter. This represents, among other things, a scientific validation of the idea that we live in a continuum, a coherent Being.

However, instead of being taught about the coherence of the universe, we have been given a paradigm of fragmentation based on the language of scientific materialism. Fortunately, we are beginning to learn how to articulate ourselves out of this cramp of separation that has been presented to us as if it were the nature of our existence. Unfortunately, in the meantime--living out of a sense of separation from the Earth, living in that coma, that somnambulant state, not quite awake, not quite aware--we have stood by and allowed terrible things to happen, such as the destruction of 64% of the ground cover in Africa in 20 years, in our lifetimes.

People who live consciously and who don't feel separate from the planet of their birth eventually can't tolerate this kind of statistic. It becomes unacceptable, just like it would be unacceptable if I were to come up and start pounding on your toe with a jackhammer. You would say, "Hey, that's my body!" Well, whose body is the Earth?

The reason this article is called "This is Our Body" is not because it's a metaphysical metaphor. It's because it's literally true, in the physics of things, that we are not separate. We can think of ourselves as separate in our apartments and our houses, but science doesn't support this view, and, we are beginning to learn at great cost, the Earth will not support it either.

We are a people and a planet on the edge of unprecedented disaster. This is not an alarmist statement. It is a statement of fact. The ecosystem of our entire planet is in a state of collapse. Many of our fellow creatures have already ceased to appear here. Anyone who believes that we are not jeopardized by the effects of our own activity is simply deluded. If such individuals are in positions of power than they must either be enlightened or if needs be, removed. It is the people who decide. We make the choices.

Remember Nuremberg? The defendants all said they were not responsible for the crimes they had committed against the Earth and humanity. They were "following orders."

I ask you this, you who are reading this with your own eyes: Whose orders are you following? We face an environmental Auschwitz. All of us. None are immune. Our cities are turned to gas chambers and our children wonder at the insanity that greets their mornings and attends their nights.

Buckminster Fuller, who was a dear friend and a mentor of mine for many years, kind of plucked me out of the mainstream of science and put my feet down on the earth again and said, "What are you doing in astrophysics? What is that going to do for the earth at this critical moment in history? You better take a very serious look at what's happening. You better look at it comprehensively."

The truth is, all of us had better look at it comprehensively. It is not the domain of a few individuals. It is a necessity for the human race.

We have to look at it comprehensively because you cannot destroy the body in one part and not injure the body in all other parts. A very sad, very serious illustration of this is what's happened to phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton were the first photosynthesizing critters to appear, basically. They started to populate the oceans and to absorb the carbon dioxide and to express oxygen into the waters and into the air. As a result oxygen breathing organisms took over the seas. In other words phytoplankton are part of the foundation of life on this planet.

Today, massive quantities of phytoplankton are dying. One of the main reasons they are dying is that they need organic nutrients that come from the runoff of rainforests. When the rains come to the healthy rainforests, they leach out nutrients from organic material i.e. dead leaves and flowers and birds, etc. --which goes into the streams which feed the rivers which finally flow through the deltas into the oceans. And in the deltas and beyond, phytoplankton bloom, because they are nourished by the organic nutrients.

When we cut and burn the forests down-and we have lost over ten million acres in Brazil alone in the past year because of the unconscious and stupid actions of economically desperate people--silt comes to the deltas instead, and the phytoplankton die of starvation.

They die too when you build a New York City or a Boston and for hundreds of years don't do anything about the harbor. And then we wonder why the fish are suffocating. They have no oxygen to breathe. The fish are dying of anoxia--suffocation--because we're killing the phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton are also dying off because of the increased ultraviolet radiation and as a direst result we have observed a profound reduction in zooplankton populations and an overall decrease in fish populations worldwide

These are just a few examples of the interrelationship between all parts of the Earth. We could just as well talk about how the burning and cutting down of millions of acres of our forests is depleting the oxygen in the troposphere which in turn is depleting the amount of oxygen available to the stratosphere for the production of ozone. As a result, there is far higher ultraviolet influx which causes even more of our trees to die which then causes the climate of the planet to change. In other words, when massive numbers of trees die, we die, because we have a symbiotic relationship with the forests of this planet.

You could say, figuratively speaking, that the body of the Earth has cancer. A lot of people have cancer, too, and in their cases, I don't mean figuratively. Far more people in this country are victims of malignant melanoma and other forms of cancer than are victims of AIDS, and it's because of that same problem again--the depleted ozone layer is letting through more ultraviolet light. This in turn gradually destroys not just the skin but the entire immune system.

The Department of Interior tells you to wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a #15 sun shield. Coppertone used to do. Have you noticed the shift? It's a real thing that's happening. Unfortunately, we cannot put #15 sunscreen on our trees.

In 1983 and 1984 I was already telling my students and lecture audiences that we all had twenty years at the most to get this turned around. Some guy at the National Center of Atmospheric Research said, "Well, that,s a very nice theory. But I'm one of the top experts in the world, and actually I know there's no ozone depletion." What Lies ! Now, there are some scientists at NCAR who think that by the year 2031, in the ozone continues to be depleted at the current accelerating rate, humans will be a nocturnal species--and trees will be virtually a thing of the past.

People are always asking, "What can I do?" Well, that,s what I asked Buckminster Fuller when I was a kid. I said, "What can I do? I'm just one person, you know? One person. What the hell can I do? There are a lot of people in this world, and they all feel as politically impotent and disenfranchised as I do, so what can I do?" His reply was that if we enter into the process of communication, if we enter into relationship, we begin to heal what has happened as a result of the abandonment of our relationship with the Earth, the abandonment of our relationship with each other.

This is what those of us in the Project Earth™ network did when NASA said for years that there was no significant ozone depletion on a global scale. We entered into relationship and changed political events. Nobody heard much about it. Nobody knew about the hours on the telephone that nobody else was paying for. Nobody knew about the people who were each calling ten people who were each calling ten people, who were then writing letters to their senators and congressmen saying, "What the hell is happening with the ozone layer? We aren't being told the truth about this. We need to be told the truth."

The point is, we mustn't be silent about what's happening. It's not enough for a few scientists to be talking about what's happening. We all need to know about it, and then we need to disseminate the knowledge, and then we need to activate the democratic process, really and literally, or else we're dead. And the kind of death is something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, unless you were totally sadomasochistic, for ultimately, all sadism is masochism too.

A famous scientist once called me up and said, "I want to build crystal pyramids everywhere on Earth. Then the world will be okay. "I said, "You've got it wrong. You and I, entering into life responsibly, are the wish-fulfilling gems. " Or to put it another way, we humans are the worst disease, and the best cure.

That is, we have many cures. Everywhere I look, there are cures. We just have to have the will to implement them.

Take what the Israelis have done in the deserts, for example. They've proven that you can go in and create an arboreal environment, you can instate a hydrologic cycle, in the desert. It would take billions of dollars to do what needs to be done in our deserts, but it is possible.

Countries with rainforests could make their money from the harvesting of pharmaceutical herbs, rather than the wholesale destruction of their invaluable ecosystems. Countries with denatured soil could reclaim them in one year with a product called Biobalance which employs primitive bacteria capable of breaking down clayish and denatured soils very readily. Instead of using chemical fertilizers and denaturing our soils we could be using folio-nutrient aerosols like Sonic Bloom.

As for the ozone problem, we can draw water from the rising seas in the world, put the water through electrolysis to make hydrogen and oxygen--and put the oxygen into the stratosphere. We can develop new technologies which eliminate the necessity for nuclear and fossil fuel. No more pollution, no more combustion of oxygen--and a chance for our forests to heal and produce their own oxygen once again.

In the last decade in particular I have been among a handful of individuals who have begun to explore technologies which tap into what is called, in Physics, the Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation Background Field. This is the field of infinite energy with which each and every atom and molecule makes a dynamic exchange of energy.

Over the past ten years, experiments have been carried out under the auspices of the Government of India to confirm the claims in my international patent concerning zero point technology. Paramahamsa Tewari, Chief Project Engineer of the Kaiga Atomic Power Station in Karnataka, India--and former head of Quality Control for the Nuclear Power Board of India--has constructed machines based on the above--mentioned international patent. In an article published in the American journal Magnets in August 1986, Mr. Tewari states that "test results show an efficiency of above 250%." In more recent experiments, Mr. Tewari has confirmed that the machine is "commercially feasible."

This represents the first time that a technology claiming to produce more electrical power out than in--in other words, energy without pollution, without waste--has been verified by bona fide third parties.

Furthermore, this process is now demonstrable in solid-state form and a grid compatible version has begun to be presented to qualified commercial interests. With relatively modest funding compared to what's required by existing technologies, generators based on Zero Point Technology could be providing gigawatts of clean, electrical power in three years.

Unfortunately, however, there is still considerable academic and corporate resistance to the implementation of such technologies, since they contradict principles that have been described as "laws" of physics. Beyond that, there are fears that such technologies could create major economic instabilities due to the fact that it is now clear that we can be free of out dependence on nuclear and fossil fuels with all their associated liabilities.

It is up to us to choose between short-term economic gains for a few corporate interests and a planet which is supportive of life itself. We have to demand--and I mean demand--that our representatives take our tax dollars and start investing in the future, because if they don't, there won't be a future. And if they won't do it, we have to make sure that they get replaced by people who care about the Earth.

What it comes down to is embodying love. If we embody love, then we make good things happen. The second coming of Christ or the Maitreya Buddha is manifested by all of us waking up. It's not going to do us a damn bit of good if just one very special person wakes up at this point. The earth is dying. Every one of us has to wake up and do something about it.

Please, please don't put this magazine down and say, "Gee, that was an interesting article," and then forget all about it. Figure out what you can do to help, and motivate others to do the same. At Project Earth™, we call it exponential networking. It works.

Adam Trombly
Project Earth™

reprinted from Design Spirit