The Economy of Life:

The Economy of Life: The Living versus the Ungrateful Dead 

We live and breathe in a shared organismal setting. Those who fail to live according to the laws and principles inherent in such a setting inevitably act in a manner that is contrary to the Economy of Life. Over the last decade and a half Project Earth™ has communicated the inescapable linkage between the environment and the economy. One of our mottoes has always been, "When the Environment of Earth goes bankrupt we will all be homeless."

In the October 1st, 1998 issue of the magazine Nature athere is an article entitled, Costing the Earth which is a discussion of the relationship between the environment and the economy. We are mildly encouraged by the contents of this article and other similar articles in respected journals such as Science. However, we still sense that there are many scientists who think that we can take our time before setting in profound course corrections for Spaceship Earth.

No matter how you analyze the situation on Earth we are in a profound crisis. Global climatological destabilization demands immediate and intelligent remedial attention. The Earth can no longer afford for us to tolerate the moment of inertia too often represented by certain intellectually pretentious academes, who propitiate the demon of political correctness at the expense of Life.

In 1985 there was a scientific conference held at the University of Massachusetts entitled, "Is the Earth a Living Organism?" Can you believe the pomposity of that title? The fact that anyone would posit such a question is mind boggling. Even now in 1998 many members of the human race are so emotionally, spiritually and intellectually dissociated from the Earth that they still question whether our not the Planet of our Nativity is Alive or whether it makes economic sense to remediate the damage to Earth! No wonder our future viability is in question!

However, do not despair. There are still signs of life in the human race. It is just that the difference between the living and the ungrateful dead is more obvious than ever.

The living do not need to question whether or not the Earth is Alive. Only beings that dwell in a hell-like subjective state of separation from the context of their existence ask such questions. The living know that an investment in Life pays the highest dividends. The living know that the imperative of this moment is to discover the extent of the damage done by those who would destroy the Earth and simultaneously uncover the means to remediate and heal the damage. The living must also continually rediscover the political will to pursue the endeavors of Life. You and I must do this in the face of the apparent catatonia, which dominates our time. The ungrateful dead will perpetually analyze and argue about the possible linkage between the environment and economics. The living must observe and understand the inherent syntropy of the organismal systems in which we participate and compellingly communicate the Intelligence inherent in Life.

The living must be technically competent in order to develop technologies that are life enhancing. This is the only way we can replace the mechanizations of death, which now threaten our very survival and continually erode the quality of our lives. The development of life supporting and enhancing technologies makes good economic sense. The investment of time, energy, money and intellectual resources in such endeavors will pave the way for a healthy tomorrow.

We must immediately begin applying our understanding of the true value of Earth’s various biomes towards the remediation of the damage that has been done to these organs of Earth’s body. Don’t sit around and argue about whether or not the Earth contributes thirty trillion dollars or fifty trillion to the world economy. We won’t have any economy if we don’t do something!

Forest’s must be replanted both in the equatorial regions of the planet as well as the more temperate zones. Where soils are too denatured to support forest growth we can plant non-narcotic industrial hemp which will restore the soil while efficiently metabolizing the growing carbon dioxide overburden in our atmosphere. We the living must demand that our governments form an international task force to heal the ozone layer. NOW! It can be done. If we will dip our hands into the wellspring of life and quench our thirst with life’s genius then we can accomplish anything. We can not hesitate any longer.

In the meantime while the ecological support systems around the globe collapse, the ungrateful dead entertain themselves and torture the living endlessly with voyeuristic obsessions about such inconsequential matters as the casual affairs of the President of the United States. Make no mistake! They usurp our attention at the expense of all Life on Earth. If we do not act now in a manner that effectively precipitates real change we will be damned to suffer the horrible consequences of an ever more unstable Earth.

In order for any organism or species to survive it must be able to discriminate between those elements, which contribute to Life and those, which threaten it. Such discrimination is not inherently divisive. The immune system functions in this manner. You and I must recognize our responsibility to be the immune system of the Earth at this critical juncture. We must swiftly and completely politically eliminate the ungrateful dead from positions of power. The Intelligence of Life Itself demands this.

Once upon a time an extraordinary being we now call Jesus instructed everyone to pray that the Kingdom of the Living God, "Be on Earth as It Is In Heaven". It doesn’t matter what religion you affiliate yourself with. It doesn’t matter whether you have a religion. I suggest to you that such prayer is a demand for far more than the mere repetitive lip service and ritual too often encouraged by organized religion. If you are grateful for Life then act like it. In order for Life to be Glorified the Living must Glorify Life. It is a most practical matter.

We are fortunate enough to live in democracies must consider whether or not the people we are hiring to represent us serve Life. We have to love enough to care. We have to care enough to look. We have to look beyond their mere words. Many who say they support the "Right to Life" continue year after year to support policies that are turning our Home World into a sewer unfit for Life. We must consider which individuals honor the future of the Earth by supporting legislation that supports Life. If we see that they don’t then we must excise these political carcinomas, which have distracted our attention for far too long.

Life must be Chosen. Those who are the Chosen, those who are among the Living are those who choose Life. It is just that simple. It is the Economy of Life.

Adam Trombly
Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen
Director: Project Earth™