Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?


The clock says there are more hurricanes than we have ever seen before. The clock says there are more tornadoes. The clock says the winds are more powerful than ever. The clock says there are more extremes in temperatures everywhere on Earth. The clock says there is less ozone in the stratosphere since who knows when. The clock says that we and our babies are being killed by ultraviolet rays which now pour freely through the unsheltering sky. The clock says, “What about the global increase in seismic and volcanic activity?” The clock says, don’t you be buying beachfront property anywhere with the sea levels rising everywhere faster than they have for thousands of years. The clock says global warming is more than just a bunch of hot air.

The clock says that the worldwide environmental movement resembles Dorothy and company on the way to some Oz where the planet will heal itself magically in spite of the fact that so many of us are sleeping in a field of Prozac poppies. The clock says that there are a whole lot of folks out there who think some Messiah is going to come and save them from the responsibility to love one another and love this planet, too. The clock says you've got to love for yourself, baby. The clock says that we got into this mess largely because false apostles said we were saved by the bloody torture of a precious being who tried to tell us all just that.

The clock says that all of the peoples of Earth are enslaved to Pharaoh and that there is no place to go. The clock says that the only way out of Pharaoh's Egypt is to love like we've never loved before and in the process peacefully and democratically replace the destructive and evil men who have no intention of paying more than lip service to implementing solutions toward the healing of the Planet with people who do. The clock says we have to be those people.

The clock says that the Republican Party could not legitimately get George W. Bush elected so they seized the Executive Branch of the United States of America with the help of the “Supreme” Court. The clock says that US voters who voted for Al Gore and a healthy environment have all been judged to be unfit by these insidious “justices”. The clock says, the rest of the world can see this and has lost all confidence in the “United” States. The clock says in the next United States Congressional Election “We the People” must seize the Houses of Congress back from those who would destroy the Earth.

The clock says that there are things we can do to stop the madness and reclaim our spirits from the garbage heap of mediocrity and collective self destruction. The clock says that if we don't, then we should all bend over and kiss our collective ass goodbye.

Adam Trombly
Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen

reprinted from Baltimore Resources Journal, Fall 1995