The Knowledge of Good and Evil

The Knowledge of Good and Evil


Death is stalking Democracy in the Nation’s capital. It has already penetrated into the halls of Congress. It has obscured the vision of the majority of the "People's" representatives. WE the People, through every form of communication available to us, need to clearly make our wishes known that We do not wish for the People’s Congress to overturn the popular election of Bill Clinton. The blind mice in Congress think that they can pull off a bloodless coup right under our noses. It is Democracy that is on trial in Washington D.C. Make no mistake about it. Do not in the future say you were not warned. It is as if the hand of Harsh Judgement has taken control of the bodies, minds and souls of the majority party and even some of the minority. They should listen well to these words. Judge now as you would be Judged for your actions.

Soon the unstable environment will degrade the quality of life on Earth to the point where it will be far more than somebody else’s problem. It will all too soon be your town, your home and your life that will be disrupted by the winds, the fires, the floods and the deep freezes which are raging more and more out control because our collective mediocrity and complacency. The actions of our supposed "Representatives" have left us all vulnerable to the attacks of Planetary Death and Corruption. It gets down to you and me people. Will you let the Spirit of Death and Harsh Judgement any further into our Nation’s Capital? We need to perform an Excorcism here. Would you be Judged as Bill Clinton will certainly be Judged by the dead in Congress if We do not Speak Up?

Too often those who call themselves "Christian" are the very spirits which crucified the Annointed One two thousand years ago and are now devouring the womb of the Earth in their blind pursuit of the greatest abortion in history. It will be the abortion of the human race. It will reflect the Spirit of Harsh Judgement. We all will reap a Planetary Crisis that will leave the vast majority of us and our children dead or wishing that we were. Remember We are all passing Judgement on ourselves when we allow Bill Clinton to be tormented by the demons in Congress. WE must realize that if these monsters can do this to the President of the United States they will be doing it to you and yours next. Democracy has already been wounded.

If WE allow the Republicans in Congress to continue the attack on Democracy then the DOW will become known as the DOWN. The forces which drive the world economy can not tolerate a complete loss of confidence in the United States. This matter appears so absurd to the rest of the world that actions of the Republican Party are making the United States of America the laughing stock of virtually the whole Planet.

We need to start acting human or the consequences will be swift and severe. Democracy is indeed on trial today. Your future is on trial today. Bill Clinton was caught being stupid. The Republicans have been caught being Loveless and endangering our environment. They have acted in a manner that is contrary to our National Security and our best interests as a people. Now which of these crimes rises to the level of an impeachable offence?

Now and not tomorrow go to the phone and call your representative in D.C. Invest eight bucks in an Express letter and fight for your future. Do it or the Spirit of Death will not Passover our House.

Adam Trombly
Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen
Director: Project Earth™