Common Sense

Common Sense

This article first appeared in New Realities magazine in 1987. We are posting this to remind all of our readers what Project Earth™ is really all about. Imitation may be the ultimate in praise but this is the real Project Earth™. Accept no substitutes...

Every society that has appeared in the history of this planet has been founded upon a system of values. Simply speaking these values have been biased according to a specific cosmology or concept of the nature of existence commonly promulgated by the priest class within that social order. The United States of America is no exception to this pattern in human development.

Our country was founded on the basis that there are certain fundamental freedoms, which are inalienable rights of human beings. We are human beings. These freedoms are implicitly ours. They cannot be taken away unless of course we fail to exercise them. In the later case we can and will lose these rights in similar manner to which we lose muscle tissue to atrophy through disuse. The bottom line is that we either use and exercise our freedoms or we lose them.

The present administration in Washington is the perfect example of what can occur in a finite period of time in terms of the degradation of the democratic process. The American people asked for the decentralization of government by electing Ronald Reagan. That was his platform. Remember? We got exactly the opposite. We got King Ronald and a Republican rubber stamp Congress. Now Reagan blames the rubber stamp for the results of the insane policies he was placed in power by special interest groups to secure.

I ask you upon what cosmology or concept of reality is our present culture based?

We started as a strong willed people willing to fight and even to die for our freedom. We rejected the idea that we should be taxed without representation. We weren’t concerned if a member of the Supreme Court or even the President smoked marijuana in the past or in the present. We were concerned as to whether a man or woman cared about basic human freedom.

Having lived under a totalitarian monarchial regime it was our freedom that was of primary value to us above all else.

This article is about a radical change that must occur not only in our country but across the entire planet The issue is not provincial it is pervasive.

When the quality of life degenerates beyond a certain point human beings become dispirited. We withdraw our feeling from the field of all relationship. We live in a state of shock. Relationship becomes an ordeal and our feeling connection with each other and even the entire planet disintegrates.

While in this state of shock we feel less able to respond to the demands of Life. As we fail to incarnate the response-ability to be Love in relationship with so-called “others” and even the Universe Itself we abandon our power. A few aggressive and usually psychotic individuals with elitist delusions then attempt to take the reins of power and totalitarian states arise as a result.

No invasion by a “foreign” power has occurred in the United States and yet a form of government that is increasingly foreign to Liberty has appeared in our midst. The increasing domination of our government by the military/industrial complex over the last few decades (as predicted by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his farewell address in January of 1961) has led to the perversion of our democracy. It does not represent the Will of the People. It barely responds.

We must therefore once again rediscover our Will. We must live and act and move as adult human beings. We must live with one another as lovers who express the Power of the Heart in Relationship and yet are implicitly bathed in innocence.

We the People of the Planet Earth can no longer afford to allow the quality of our existence or that of our planet to be compromised. It is really rather simple. Either we love or we don’t. There are no two ways about it. Whatever mentor or benign example we call upon in our zeal for love the responsibility is exactly the same. No church or cult in the history of this planet has ever been able to successfully legislate the Truth of the Very Heart of Existence.

I suggest to you that it is this Heart or the Feeling Presence of Love as our own Nature that at times moves us out of our somnambulance and into the incarnation of response-ability for the very Life of this Planet. The American Revolution was initiated by men and women who were simply unwilling to further compromise the quality of their lives.

Now in this moment, across this land and indeed the entire Earth there is a growing and urgent awareness of the necessity for a radical change to take place. In order to accomplish this change we must be willing to offer up our very lives into the feeling power of Love (as the all pervading field in which all forms appear) and bring that power into relationship without ambivalence. It is ambivalence and compromise with the force of that which is less than Love that has led the Planet into this moment unprecedented crisis.

Instead of a truly representative government the present government is fundamentally based upon compromise with the forces of which lead to destruction and death. Com-pro-mise is the polysyllabic formula that has resulted the present state of planetary affairs. On a planetary scale unprecedented in any known period of human history, life on the Planet Earth is now compromised.

You see, it is not another or a group of others who have compromised the fate of the Earth. It is us. It is true enough that we have been repeatedly and even collectively deceived and manipulated. But we, as a people, have allowed this to continue.

All too often we have allowed the voice of that which abuses life to eclipse the light of prophecy. All too often have genuflected at the feet of false authorities that tell the same lies that they tell funding bodies in order to procure federal and similarly biased grants.

Too many of our scientists and so-called authorities have become grant whores. During the past ten years many of us have stood aghast as our so-called colleagues have sold out, one after the other, in the name short term survival. Most of us know what it feels likes to wake up yet another morning and go once again to a job, which is dehumanizing.

Therefore, we can understand how it is that someone could sell out in the name of survival. Yet many of us have recently begun to reawaken and realize that the spontaneous observations of our youth, the observations of the world in disarray, were accurate and that we indeed seem to be reconnecting with the source of the intelligence, which opened our eyes almost two decades ago.

When we look at the present state of affairs, it is not that we were not warned.

Nikola Tesla warned in the early nineteen hundreds that fossil fuels threatened to foul the air of the entire Earth. He as the first inventor to present technological alternatives to the fossil fuel economy and the power grid upon which we depend.

He not only invented the first practical alternating current dynamo (which allowed for the distribution of electrical energy in a power grid) he also, within a decade or so of that major invention, discovered the means to communicate electrical power through the atmosphere of the Earth itself without wires. It was for this discovery that J.P. Morgan cut off his funding.

Morgan had heavy investments in copper, which the AC dynamo had made more valuable for transmission wires. Tesla was naive enough to believe that Morgan would be excited by the possibility of universally available energy for all. Tesla believed it was an implicit and inalienable right that we have even now yet to enjoy.

Shortly before his death in nineteen forty-three Tesla had submitted a proposal to FDR to counter the damaging potential of fission based nuclear energy development. He claimed in his proposal to the President that he knew of a method by which we could get all the energy we could ever use from the space around us.

The meeting that was scheduled with FDR as a result of this proposal never occurred. Tesla was found dead in his New York apartment. The coroner attributed his death to “natural causes” but many were not satisfied that this was the case. Tesla was a prophet. He was also a visionary. Both sides of Tesla’s brain worked just fine and this is what brought him into the line of fire of the increasingly left brained scientific community as it was developing in the first half of the twentieth century.

Even though he was given to prophesy I doubt that even Tesla had any idea just how bad things would get as the result of the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels.

Consider this. At this very moment as you read there are literally hundreds of millions of internal combustion engines operating on a worldwide basis. These engines have an average efficiency of approximately twenty percent. This means that literally eighty percent of the energy associated with internal combustion is dissipated. That spells insane levels of waste.

Now in this moment, these engines are consuming amazing amounts of our precious oxygen resource in the process of combusting their fuels. Over fifty percent of the atomic weight of what we refer to as pollution or fossil fuel effluent is in the form of oxygen that has been bound through the combustion process. (CO, CO2, NOx, Sox, H202, H203, etc.) There are many, many scientists who will tell you that there is so much oxygen on the planet that we could never even put a dent in our supply of this precious gas. However, largely due to the catalytic role of efforts such as Project Earth™ a large number of scientists are beginning to reconsider this issue.

The fact is that at the same time that we are consuming incredible quantities of this life giving gas we are allowing for the destruction of the biomass oxygen factories of our planet. In the last twenty years sixty four percent of the living ground cover has been destroyed on the continent of Africa. The same process that destroyed the forests and bush lands of Africa is currently underway in South and Central America.

The combined result of this unprecedented assault on the Earth is that we now face the very real fact that the oxygen density in our atmosphere has been negatively effected. In other words there is less and less oxygen in our atmosphere. Recent tests done on gases that were trapped eighty million plus years ago in natural resin show that there was over twice as much oxygen in the air the dinosaurs breathed. It is of critical importance for all of us to understand that the oxygen in the troposphere is the product of Life. It is also critical to note that it is this same biomass released oxygen (O2) migrates into the stratosphere, there through photo-reaction to become ozone (O3).

Various forces are constantly, naturally undermining the ozone in the stratosphere. This has always been true. The stratospheric ozone layer must be constantly replenished by the flow of O2 across the tropopause. When this flow is depleted and contaminated by chlorine (and chlorine family gases such as CFC’s, polychlorinated hydrocarbons, etc.), fluorine and bromine and their families then we have a compounding crisis in the works.

NASA’s NIMBUS satellite data shows that between 1980 and 1987 there has been 4.5 percent destruction in stratospheric zone. In just seven years! This indicates that there has already been a probable depletion globally of between 8 and 9 percent!

Although this is rightly partially blamed on the destructive actions of chlorofluorocarbon gases (CFCs) and jet engine produced nitrous oxides we must not forget the well of life from which oxygen actually arises.

Malignant melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) is increasing to pandemic levels on a worldwide scale. It is well established that reductions in the level of global stratospheric ozone lead to increases in deadly ultraviolet radiation influx into the troposphere. This increased penetration of ultraviolet radiation in turn not only causes cancer in humans, it has a profound and pathogenic effect on the entire biosphere. This influx of UV radiation also causes the levels of ozone to increase in the troposphere (through photolysis) where it is deadly to life. The USDA estimates that crop destruction due ozone on a per annum basis in the U.S. alone is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Ozone in the stratosphere protects and shields us. Ozone in the troposphere poisons all life.

There are currently tens of millions of acres of forests throughout the Earth that are either already dead or dying from the effects of increased UV flux as well as industrial pollution and acid rain. The governments of West Germany, Austria, Switzerland and more recently France have recognized the alarming kill off of their forests as national emergencies, we must now in 1987 again be informed of the true technological alternative to the fossil fuel economy which has really created the atmosphere of death which is choking life from Planet Earth. We must choose whether or not we wish to continue to live upon this Earth.

It is my strong belief that if we wish for human life to continue above the ground then we must begin a crash program to research, develop and implement Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation based technologies in the civilian sector the economy. Otherwise these technologies will only be developed by the military/industrial complex while We The People struggle to catch a breath of fresh oxygen rich air.

In the fiscal year 1986 Department of Defense Program Solicitation, on page 193, section AF(Air Force) 86-77, subsection 6, there is a request for research efforts to be made in the areas regarding “Esoteric Energy” sources for propulsion including the “zero point quantum dynamic energy of vacuum space .…”(Unclassified)

Both the Government and the main population of scientific community in this country publicly deny the practical applicability of this for of energy.

Harold Puthoff of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas recently published a landmark paper in the area of Zero Point Studies in the May 15, 1987 edition of Physical Review D. In this paper Hal has examined the implicit dependency of the hydrogen atom upon the dynamic exchange of energies with space.

This paper provides the scientific community with the foundation upon which to begin to understand the implicit role of zero point vacuum fluctuation phenomena in terms of the nature of manifest existence. As more and more people begin to comprehend these arguments they too will understand that matter is the dynamic modification of vacuum space, which is constantly ongoing.

I have been communicating this message in international forums since 1980. I am very excited that Hal has been able to introduce this consideration through the Physical Review.

Significantly Hal cites the 1975 paper of Timothy Boyer which in my opinion is even more pivotal than his paper in that it clearly and finally established that work (which means the energy required to accomplish a task) can be extracted from the ZPVF background. Boyer suffered some real heat as the result of that publication and eventually yielded somewhat to the pressure.

He had just discovered the number one taboo of the current and overspecialized scientific priesthood, the taboo against “perpetual motion”. The dreadful cosmology of too many in the present day scientific community is one in which the universe starts with a big bang and is fragmented into numberless pieces all of which eventually suffer dark extinction when the universe itself dies its entropic death.

This cosmology of scientific materialism is increasingly the determining cosmology of our culture. Is it any wonder that we face global disintegration?

It is safe to say that the understanding of Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation Physics is one of the more important leaps that has ever occurred in the history of science and indeed of humankind. It disallows for a fragmented universe. It points out that a negentropic or non-dissipative process actually characterizes material existence on the most fundamental level.

As a contributor and participant in this field of endeavor I have participated in relevant research since 1979. The Acyclic Closed Magnetic Experiment ( Phase One of which I participated in with Joseph Kahn) eventually produced an electrical generator which begins to demonstrate the viability of ZPVF technologies. The rough duplication of our generator accomplished by P. Tewari in India is an historical first. Mr. Tewari states in a paper published in the American journal Magnets that, “Experiments have been carried out on a similar machine fabricated by the author at the Tarapore Atomic Power Station in Trombay, India (which is near Mumbai). The test results show an efficiency of above 250%,”

This is the first time in history that such performance has been confirmed by a bona fide third party, Mr. Tewari used the description of our generator as disclosed in our International Patent Document #W0/1982/002126 which was published June 24, 1982 in order to perform his experiments. The US. Patent Office, refused to grant letters of Patent for our generator. However, by virtue of Tewari’s confirmation we have met and even exceeded the criteria set forth in the International Patent Cooperation Treaty.

It will be the People of the United States and indeed the entire planet who suffer the consequences of such stupid governmental actions.

People worldwide have been thoroughly baffled that no one our country has jumped on the almost unprecedented and benign opportunity represented by the development of this new class of technologies for commercial, civilian use. The so-called conservatism of a large sector of the investment community is strangling the lifeblood out of American creativity and innovation.

The time has come in which we must realize that the "economy of death" is literally bankrupt and there is no more time in which we can afford to be silent about it.

Are we going to stand by as the Department of Defense once again usurps a technological breakthrough for the sake of its predilection to destruction? If so, we will be seen as a nation wherein uniquely capable individuals develop technologies, which are then only allowed to become a part of the war machine. Once again Japan, Germany or others will take the lead in the civilian development of technologies discovered here.

Let’s look retrospectively, for a moment, at the broader history of technological development over the past three centuries.

The eighteenth century was the century in which the early development of the steam engine occurred. During the nineteenth century the industrial revolution was fueled by steam technology. The quest for newer and more energy productive fuels as well as more compact technologies to fully exploit them led to the invention of the internal combustion engine in the late nineteenth century. Skeptics scoffed.

The internal combustion engine and related technologies became the cornerstone for industrial development during twentieth century. Nuclear energy was forced to develop along primitive and dangerous lines (instead of the path of non-proliferating aneutronic forms) in order to provide fissionable material to the military /industrial complex.

Now, toward the end of the twentieth century Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation Based Technologies have been discovered and the theoretical basis for their operation is now beginning to be elucidated. Once again skeptics scoff.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the twentieth century that a handful of people who had foresight began to see the profits from their investments into internal combustion technologies. Then they profited at the expense of an entire planet.

The results of the information gathered and modeled during the last few years of our work in Project Earth™ show that the implementation of ZPVF technologies is a necessity for our survival as a race and for the healing of the Planet. ZPVF technologies will allow for the distribution of energy throughout the entire planet. Everyone will profit.

No longer will men and women have to burn anything to keep warm, cook or travel. No longer will the precious air of this Planet be fouled with pollution. The people of all nations will once again breath the good clean air of Earth. No longer will international conflict be the result of the endless power struggle to secure obsolete fossil fuel resources.

Our armies will be employed in the replanting of great forests. Our children’s children will enjoy the green Earth once again. They will have the leisure to evolve into a new race free of poverty and want. They will enjoy life far more than their grandparents whose busy work fed the corporate and governmental monstrosities that enslaved them and almost destroyed the Planet of our birth.

If you would like to join us in the movement to see this vision become a practical reality then we need you to join the effort.

It is the People of this country that will replace those in our government who would destroy the Earth with those who would heal it. It is you and I who must act. We need our own internal and nonviolent political revolution founded upon the principals of our Constitution and the duties laid out for citizens therein in order to secure a life positive future.

The economy and the government of death must yield to the power of Life expressed by We the People. The agenda of Project Earth™ offers solutions to address much of what has Imbalanced the Planet Earth in the last two centuries.

Science and new technologies combined, however, are not sufficient to the emergency we face on this Planet. It is only the expression of Love through response-able action, which is the truly inalienable right and inherent freedom enjoyed by all people who choose to love that can heal this Living Earth. This is the Freedom of the Spirit.

That which denies Love has dominated the Life of Earth for long enough. That which denies Love and Life leads inevitably to disintegration and miserable death. Those who Love are not surprised by the existence of Free Energy. Those who choose to be Love are Living Demonstrations of Free Energy.

This and only this is Good Science. Even the physics of manifest existence reveals at its root the Truth of Love. Love is without edges. It is the Field of Infinite Being. There is no power in the midst of Infinity that is greater than Love. Remember? Therefore no-thing nor any apparent aberrant modification of this One Being can either partially or even temporally Truly eclipse Love. Love Is Always Already For-Given.

No power has ever appeared that is ultimately capable of destroying Love. Love is the Nature of Being.

There are those who say it is damaging to careers to say such things. In response I say this. Those who make a career out of death and the science of destruction will never feel free to cite Love as their Primary Source. I have chosen to make a career of Life and the All Pervading Field of Energy, which is the true foundation of the Universe. True Science involves conscious and even moment to moment participation in Being.

In the past of our planet wise men and wise women were called Seers. Those who truly understand Reality See with Open Eyes and Open Hearts. Such seeing is not the exclusive domain of the few who live in special isolation. It is our common inheritance from our common source. It is the root of Common Sense. Now we must all turn about and awaken. It is not good enough for someone else to Understand. We must each and all Understand. Every one of us has felt the overwhelming sense of the pervasion of Love as the Fundamental Field of Existence. Whether in a wheat field in Kansas, a forest in Illinois, by the Chesapeake or in Central Park, in countless places we have all stepped into the timeless Moment of Love.

The cosmology of death/entropy is inherently amoral simply because it denies the Reality of Love and renounces those who espouse Love as fanatics, metaphysicians or even psychotics.

The consequences for the denial of the Physics of Love are huge. Where Love is denied things fall apart. Just look at the earth today. What other evidence do we require? I ask you, what credentials are truly written in the stigmata of the tortured Earth.

Whoever is truly involved in the Science of Life would never be silent or ambivalent at such a time.

Even though this is so the New York Times recently carried an article in which a “scientist” involved with the Administration’s acid rain cover-up report is quoted as saying ’Everyone is under a lot of pressure not to criticize the report. Careers are in jeopardy.”

Buckminster Fuller once said, “Those who are educated to death in turn only communicate that in which they were educated.”

The credibility of a medical practitioner is to be found in the healing of disease. The Future Credibility of all science from now forward must be founded upon the healing of this green Earth.

Hypocrisy and compromise with the forces of death are simply forms of inertia. Neither leads to eternal damnation. Inertia is ultimately seen in human terms to be the hesitation to Love.

This article is not about the condemnation of individuals to dreadful fates. The concept of eternal damnation is just a sociopolitical tool created by the Roman Corporate bureaucracy to manipulate people as it absorbed Christianity and created the Roman Church (that resulted in Countless spin-offs) in order to contain the inexorable force of Love revealed through Christ and other rare beings in the course of human history.

WE need to be reminded that such containment is simply impossible.

This is the time during which the entire Earth is as one who was crucified. This is the Moment. This Moment is the Moment which demands Our Resurrection. We must rise up with Our voices and Our votes. Otherwise we face an environmental Auschwitz.

It is in everybody's best interest to see the Earth removed from the cross of greedy and loveless exploitation. It is just Common Sense.

So let the skeptics raise their heads out of the slime of human stagnation. Let those who have been burdened with the belief in the outer darkness of isolated and encapsulated existence understand Freedom at last. Even all atoms breath the Energy of Spirit.

So Be Free of the Great Fear. You can’t kill Love but you are able to respond as it. You and I are response-able. WE can be Real as that Force. It is for this reason that Project Earth™ exists. It is for this reason that Project Earth™ is Everybody’s Priority’.

Adam Trombly Director/Co-Founder Project Earth™