Let it be Known


Let's get one thing straight. Several environmental educational projects (ourselves included) have recently been accused by certain members of the US Congress of providing a "doomsday" vision of the future. Our content reflects the situation that is at hand. The forecasts that Project Earth™ has made available to the public for well over a decade have consistently come to pass. We all wish that Project Earth™ didn't have to be the bearer of bad tidings. It is a frequently unpopular job. We have, over the years; asked audiences around this entire country and indeed throughout the world a simple question: If you were driving a vehicle down what appeared to be a comfortable road but you didn't know that you were in fact about to go off a steep cliff over the next hill, wouldn't you want to be told? Thousands and thousands of people throughout the world, from many, many walks of life have told us again and again, " We would want to know." What analogy would you use?

We have asserted and shall continue to assert that the situation we find ourselves in is quite equivalent to that. Don't blame Project Earth™ or other organizations for pointing out the sometimes very unpleasant facts. The conditions on Earth have been created by our collective and usually unconscious actions as a species. If we can destroy so effectively in our unconsciousness just think of what we could do if we were conscientious and intelligent in our global activities.

When Project Earth™ and others first alerted the world to the present dangers posed by global stratospheric ozone depletion there were critics who said that it just wasn't so. Reality has a funny way of overtaking such criticisms.

The situation in our stratosphere continues to get worse and our governments are doing precious little to stop it. We know that the increased ultraviolet influx is killing tens of thousands of our fellow citizens every year. Check out the statistics in your state or countries for UV/cancer related illness and deaths over the last ten or twenty years. There have been dramatic increases worldwide. Don't just take our word for it -- Check it out!

Stratospheric ozone depletion is also taking a more and more severe toll on agriculture as the increased UV causes the formation of more and more phytotoxic lower atmosphere ozone. Saying that it just isn't so does not change the reality. Just check for yourselves what the USDA says increased tropospheric ozone is doing to our crops. We are not asserting that the increases in lower atmospheric concentrations of ozone are solely due to increased UV influx. We are saying that it is a significant contributing factor.

This leads to another important point. Some critics have said that if we are really concerned about chlorine then we must recognize that the primary source of chlorine pollution is our own oceans. Those people miss the most simple and obvious point of all. The concentration of ozone in the stratosphere has been maintained in a life giving balance in spite of oceanic and other background chlorine inputs into the atmosphere for eons. We have thrown this balance off to the present extremely dangerous levels in the last two centuries. We must recognize that it is essential to begin remediation efforts on an international basis now . We don't consider a future wherein we could be forced into becoming a nocturnal species living in UV protective environments to be acceptable. This doesn't sound any better to me than it does to you. It's an awful thought.

We continue to elect representatives of many political persuasions in democracies throughout the world who would rather point the finger at those of us who attempt to warn you about these things than get off of their butts and do something to help turn the tide in a positive direction. I hope that in the next elections, held in whatever country you are from, that you and yours will send the clear message that we will not accept collective environmental suicide as an alternative to taking responsible action.

How many cities and villages throughout the planet must be destroyed by severe weather before we recognize that we have created these more and more frequent scenes of disaster through our collective actions? How long will it take before we all say with one universal voice, "The time has come to remove from power those who would destroy the Earth!"?

How many thousands or even millions of us will be made homeless by the imbalanced atmosphere that we have created before we demand that our governments and the United Nations do something constructive about it.

The increased ferocity of the wind that is caused by the build of greenhouse gases is not theoretical when it destroys your town. We at Project Earth™ have said for well over a decade that one of the primary and most overlooked effects of the build up of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is the inevitable increase of winds and violent storm activity. Just look at what is happening. It doesn't take a great genius to see the obvious.

We warned over a decade ago that the destruction of equatorial rainforests would lead to the redistribution of moisture in our global atmosphere. You see the rainforests hold the moisture of the Earth in manner very similar to the membrane of our own skin. When man removes that membrane the water vapor concentrations are no longer being regulated. The water doesn't just vanish. It is redistributed. Latitudes are not hard boundaries. More and more water is available in non-equatorial regions for storm building. Rains and snows become more and more frequently severe, even torrential, inundating cities and villages throughout the world in manner unprecedented in known human history.

No other communication from any government or private organization has so accurately forecast what is now coming upon our species. We are not ashamed that we disseminated accurate globally relevant forecast information over a decade before the fact. We are not embarrassed that we warned our friends throughout the globe.

What kind of people want to kill the messengers of the Earth? I would venture a guess that they are the same people who would allow for the continued destruction of our countries and our very lives. People who participate in the conversation that is Project Earth™ do so because we no longer wish to participate in the global environmental suicide cult that self serving politicians and some corporate entities have too often turned our own governments into.

Project Earth™ is just one voice in a worldwide movement toward Life. We either move towards life or we all will suffer the consequences.

Citizens of the United States must launch an unprecedented letter writing, faxing, emailing campaign to let the Congress and the Executive Branch know who pays their salaries. We must let our Government know that we have had enough of being lead into the jaws of disaster. We must demand real campaign finance law changes that both major parties seem so ready to avoid so that our futures will not be sold for a handful of corporate campaign contributions. The "Clean Air Act" is a joke and needs to be completely rewritten. We need to research, design and deploy the next generation of alternative energy technologies and remediate the damage to our ozone layer like our lives depend on it. Why? Because they do.

Adam Trombly

Adam Trombly is an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling. Taking the advice of his friend and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, Adam has maintained a "synergistic, global view" within a multi-disciplinary scientific background. From this perspective, Adam offers unique insights into the changes humankind has effected on our environment, and the adjustments our future requires of us now.