This is Our Body

In 1962, John Archibald Wheeler, who is one of the deans of modern physics, calculated that the mass equivalent energy density of vacuum space is 10 to the 93rd power grams per cubic centimeter. This represents, among other things, a scientific validation of the idea that we live in a continuum, a coherent Being.

People are always asking, "What can I do?" Well, that,s what I asked Buckminster Fuller when I was a kid. I said, "What can I do? I'm just one person, you know? One person. What the hell can I do? There are a lot of people in this world, and they all feel as politically impotent and disenfranchised as I do, so what can I do?" His reply was that if we enter into the process of communication, if we enter into relationship, we begin to heal what has happened as a result of the abandonment of our relationship with the Earth, the abandonment of our relationship with each other.

What it comes down to is embodying love. If we embody love, then we make good things happen. The second coming of Christ or the Maitreya Buddha is manifested by all of us waking up. It's not going to do us a damn bit of good if just one very special person wakes up at this point. The earth is dying. Every one of us has to wake up and do something about it.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

The clock says that there are things we can do to stop the madness and reclaim our spirits from the garbage heap of mediocrity and collective self destruction. The clock says that if we don't, then we should all bend over and kiss our collective ass goodbye.

The clock says that the worldwide environmental movement resembles Dorothy and company on the way to some Oz where the planet will heal itself magically in spite of the fact that so many of us are sleeping in a field of Prozac poppies. The clock says that there are a whole lot of folks out there who think some Messiah is going to come and save them from the responsibility to love one another and love this planet, too. The clock says you've got to love for yourself, baby. The clock says that we got into this mess largely because false apostles said we were saved by the bloody torture of a precious being who tried to tell us all just that.


We have, over the years; asked audiences around this entire country and indeed throughout the world a simple question: If you were driving a vehicle down what appeared to be a comfortable road but you didn't know that you were in fact about to go off a steep cliff over the next hill, wouldn't you want to be told? Thousands and thousands of people throughout the world, from many, many walks of life have told us again and again, " We would want to know." What analogy would you use?

We have asserted and shall continue to assert that the situation we find ourselves in is quite equivalent to that. Don't blame Project Earth™ or other organizations for pointing out the sometimes very unpleasant facts. The conditions on Earth have been created by our collective and usually unconscious actions as a species. If we can destroy so effectively in our unconsciousness just think of what we could do if we were conscientious and intelligent in our global activities.

The Economy of Life:

We live and breathe in a shared organismal setting. Those who fail to live according to the laws and principles inherent in such a setting inevitably act in a manner that is contrary to the Economy of Life. Over the last decade and a half Project Earth™ has communicated the inescapable linkage between the environment and the economy. One of our mottoes has always been, "When the Environment of Earth goes bankrupt we will all be homeless."

The living must be technically competent in order to develop technologies that are life enhancing. This is the only way we can replace the mechanizations of death, which now threaten our very survival and continually erode the quality of our lives. The development of life supporting and enhancing technologies makes good economic sense. The investment of time, energy, money and intellectual resources in such endeavors will pave the way for a healthy tomorrow.

Into a New Context…

Those who have been students of Project Earth™™ for the last couple of decades will be better prepared than most for this revelation. Since the early nineteen eighties we have promoted the development and implementation of technologies, which tap into the virtually boundless energetic resource represented by the stress tensor implicit in the appearance of temporal phenomena, which dynamically represent the local geometrocurvature of space in the midst the Infinite background field. We have pointed out that one of the most fundamental aspects of this Primordial Field is the sea of "Zero Point" Vacuum Fluctuations, which are a fundamental sign of constant interaction of matter with it. For almost two decades, we have pointed out that matter itself exists only as a dynamic modification of this Primordial Field.

Imagine what kind of life we might all enjoy if we embraced the Reality of the Great Luminosity as the Context in the midst of which we and our Universe appear and through the Agency of which we are now being transformed.

Zero Point Fluctuation
and the Future of Technology

In 1948 a scientist in Europe named Casimir confirmed the existence of a field of energy that pervades all space. By 1951 scientists at Phillips of Holland had confirmed his findings and had further shown that this field had an almost unimaginable energy density. In 1963 John Archibald Wheeler calculated the theoretical density of this all pervading field of energy to be 1093 grams per cubic centimeter! This field has come to be known as the Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation because it exists in a context that transcends all electromagnetic energies right down to ìabsoluteî zero degrees K. Recently it has been discovered that technologies can be designed that can exploit this field for power. These technologies create no pollution or radioactive waste. They consume no oxygen. It is my strong belief that if we wish for human life to continue above the ground then we must begin a crash program to research, develop and implement Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation based technologies in the civilian sector of the economy. Otherwise these technologies will only be developed by the military/industrial complex while the world literally struggles to catch a breath of fresh oxygen rich air. In the fiscal year 1986 Department of Defense Program Solicitation, on page 193, section AF 86-77, subsection 6, there is a request for research efforts to be made in the areas of ìEsoteric energy sources for propulsion including the zero point quantum dynamic energy of vacuum space...î. (Unclassified)