Still Crazy After All These Years*

the Emergency on Earth is Far Greater than we had Imagined

June 21, 2011—Many of you have written recently to ask why it has been so long since my last essay. When we originally conceived of Project Earth some forty-plus years ago it was our hope that by understanding the actual situation on this planet our species might begin to act in a more intelligent/beneficial manner. We soon realized that the Emergency on Earth was far greater than we had imagined and that the appropriate and intelligent responses required were not forthcoming. We realized that our expression is by necessity both scientific and political, although remaining apolitical would have been far easier. We realized that all of PROJECT EARTH'S™ communications needed to be a balance between detailing the difficulties we all might face and providing guidance towards the creation and implementation of remedial solutions for the damage that has been visited upon our tiny planet.

I frequently hear from many of you about your frustration with the fact that the solutions offered by PROJECT EARTH™ (and our colleagues throughout the world) have been and continue to be rejected, suppressed or simply dismissed as fantasies. Many of you remember what we were saying and offering ten, twenty, thirty or more years ago. I am grateful, more than I can say, for your kind reminders that there is still intelligent life on Earth. The fact that you take the time to communicate what you remember (and your questions too) warms my heart. Thank you for paying attention to the detailed warnings and solutions we offer.

"However, it not just the population of Japan, which is compromised by this ongoing event. Just because it is not in the news does not mean that it is “all better” now. Quite the contrary it is anything but “all better”. There are at least three unprecedented China syndrome meltdowns, which have penetrated into the local geology and continue to leak into the atmosphere with untold consequences. This statement should scare the pants off of all of us."

Several of you have recently acknowledged that PROJECT EARTH™ informed you of the coming increases in the violence of atmospheric, weather-related and geophysical phenomena decades before many of them manifested. You recall that we warned of increasing numbers of tornadoes and the advent of monster tornadoes that could destroy entire urban environs. Many of you remember that we warned of the increasingly violent winds and destructive hurricanes that we now see on a frequent basis. We warned of a growing cadence and magnitude of seismic and volcanic activity that is the direct result of the heating of the solid Earth caused by the attenuation of the rate of heat dissipation through an increasingly insulating atmosphere.

Many of you have stayed awake enough to recognize these signs on the ever more grim “news” broadcasts throughout this troubled planet. Even so, what none of us anticipated was the degree of brazen deceit and obfuscation engaged in by the international corporate controlled news media. CNN “meteorologists” and corporate ass-kissing bloggers claiming that there has been no change in tornadic or wind activity since 1950 was just not something that we imagined. A nearly total blackout on current, accurate news regarding corporate created disasters such as the ongoing disasters in the Gulf of Mexico and Fukushima are far worse than most people ever imagined. At yet with every new catastrophe the media are more loaded with entraining deceitful smack hoping to lull us all to sleep.

One minute the man on the television says, “I have never seen anything like this kind of tornadic activity in my entire career”. The next minute the same apparent human says, “There isn’t really any statistically significant change in tornadic activity since records began to be kept in 1950. The reasons we think there is a major change is because there are more people and those people now have cell phones”. Makes you want to pinch yourself doesn’t it?

On Monday of one week back in April of this year Wolf Blitzer of CNN announced that, “Tokyo Electric Power Company now acknowledges that the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant is now a 6 on a scale of 7 with Chernobyl being a 7”. On Thursday of that same week Blitzer announced with a straight face that, “Tokyo Electric Power Company has just upgraded the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant from a 4 to a 5, the same rating as the accident at Three Mile Island”. Even Blitzer sidekick Jack Cafferty of the much-vaunted and valuable Cafferty File didn’t raise an eyebrow at Blitzer’s deception. The corporate lie is so common now that even these former champions of journalistic truth seem to have drunken the corporate hegemonies sponsorship Kool-Aid.

In point of fact the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is unprecedented in scale and has already delivered life threatening doses of radio isotopes to tens of millions of Japanese, while TEPCO and the Japanese government continue to insult the considerable intelligence of the Japanese People who daily breathe air and drink and bathe themselves in water which is contaminated by radioisotopes like Plutonium 239 (half life 24,443 years) which are still streaming out from the three China Syndrome Total Meltdowns of Reactor 1,2,3 and four at that troubled plant.

What makes this disaster many times worse than the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 (which conservatively cost two million plus deaths and untold genetic defects and related diseases) is the presence of Reactor #3’s MOX (Mixed Oxide) core. This and the other three effected reactors are constantly emitting vapors that carry molecules into the atmosphere of Earth. Number 3 however is streaming several isotopes of Plutonium. It is a well-known fact that a few molecules of Plutonium 239, for example, which lodge in the alveoli of the lungs, can and frequently do cause lung cancer. It is also known that Plutonium introduced to the body orally is frequently passed out of the digestive system, when exposures increase, as they are daily in Japan, there is a cumulative probability facture that many other forms of cancer also result.

I know this from very personal experience. I also know that with proper, intelligent chelation treatment and years of leading edge non-radiation or chemocide based cancer treatments it is still possible to live a restored and healthy life. Fifty to sixty million Japanese can take heart that these treatments exist and insist that the government and industry which has deceived them as to the “safety” of nuclear power now provide these treatments to those adversely effected people in the population over the next several decades.

However, it's not just the population of Japan, which is compromised by this ongoing event. Just because it is not in the news does not mean that it is “all better” now. Quite the contrary it is anything but “all better”. There are at least three unprecedented China syndrome meltdowns, which have penetrated into the local geology and continue to leak into the atmosphere with untold consequences. This statement should scare the pants off of all of us.

In addition there have been an ongoing stream of nuclear decay burst clouds of apparently self-organizing radio-isotopic vapors which are now circulating in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth far beyond the “borders” of Japan. Our cattle, our feed crops, our water and our air show traces of the increased presence of isotopes from Japan all over the Northern Hemisphere.

When some so-called “scientists” speak of “acceptable levels” of Plutonium I just gag. What level of a substance, which can kill by the introduction of few molecules into the human body, can be called “acceptable?"

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is the largest dirty bomb to ever go off in history. IT IS STILL GOING OFF! Contamination from this event will continue for tens of thousands of years. No one should be duped into retreating from our collective/global demand that a real solution to this crisis be implemented with all do haste. These people want to put polymer/fabric tents over the meltdowns? In Kurosawa’s Dreams maybe

If your government is not involved in immediately demanding that the Government of Japan do whatever is really necessary to stem the flow of these very life threatening, mutagenic substances into our planetary air and oceans then that government does represent any human being’s best interest and needs to be voted out of office. Like the completely poisoning event in the Gulf of Mexico last year, which is also still ongoing, still poisoning many, many people daily, the concerned industry, this time the global nuclear industry is circling it’s wagons and running a massive ass-covering PR campaign. These morons want to convince us that “our” reactors are “safe” when in fact they really represent, one and all, ticking giant dirty bombs just waiting to go off with the needed provocation. These provocations are far more likely than that industry wants us to know and the cover –up of these facts is just criminal in any intelligent specie’s Book of Life.

Speaking of which, how could we have predicted that the man who published the Whole Earth Catalog, one Stewart Brandt, would become a spokesperson for the very much hobbled nuclear industry and that this so-called champion for the environment would call the Fukushima Daiichi catastrophe, “a hiccup we have to learn from” at the Aspen Institute’s 2011 Annual Environment Forum. I got physically ill when I watched one famous panelist after another, including Bill McKibben of 350.Org fame, who I normally admire, just as I do the Aspen Institute, sit there and let this total BS pass as gospel. Such statements do not pass any real “smell test” by any intelligent form of life.

I am certain from reading your many emails that I am not the only one who feels like Diogenes, the ancient Greek, who sometimes carried a lantern at midday in his quest to find anyone who was willing to speak the truth.

Fukushima Daiichi and the massive oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico should be huge wake up calls for all of us. Don’t let anyone of any political party anywhere get away with pandering for the nuclear industry such as Barack Obama did during the last presidential campaign.

We need to demand that all of our governments rapidly research and development real alternative energy solutions such as Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation devices immediately. It is very, very late in the game and the management is arguing with the players. There is no real game or game plan. Industry lobbyists throughout the world continually see to it that our collective precious resources are usurped and squandered in obsolete Neanderthal technologies that only hasten our demise.

Whatever you hear; do not allow yourselves to fall into cognitive dissonance or despair. Remember Shakyamuni’s advice to his most attentive student, “Ananda Keep Awake”.

Adam Trombly
Co-Founder & Director

Director and Chief Scientist
Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen

P.S. This information is not intended to cause panic or despair. However, if you should feel these or other related emotions remember to drink deeply of the Presence of Infinite Being with your feeling breath. I will be breathing and feeling beyond all of this bad news with you. Let’s all pray together for more lucidity, more courage, more intelligence and more effective action. However late it is, breathing and praying together can never hurt.

*An appropriate and grateful nod to Paul Simon