Mission Statement

Speaking for the Earth Since 1969

PROJECT EARTH™ was conceived of with the clear understanding that we are either conscious or unconscious participants in our existence. We do not exist in isolation. We are not separate from the totality of existence. The dynamic of PROJECT EARTH™ has always been based on the healing of the distorted concept of personal and societal isolation through the reintegration of the human species. We reintegrate with one another when we communicate. Then the warning signals can pass throughout humanity.

It is our conviction at PROJECT EARTH™ that without immediate and radical change on a level never undertaken in any prior epoch of history that the human race is in a potentially terminal phase of a long and tragic decline, hurtling towards disintegration like a wave that has broken against the rocks of collective, cultural and educational inertia.

Humankind has the opportunity in this moment to transcend the errors of the past and participate in the healing of the damage.