• "These are the days wherein we will judge for
    ourselves whether the human race continues.
    This is the time wherein we all must choose between
    the road that leads to death or the road that leads to life."

    Adam Trombly

  • deepfieldinvert22Scientific Proof of the Presence
    of the “God Field” 
    Confirmed by CERN

     In what could have been a Declaration of Global Energy Independence on July 4th, 2012, CERN Research of Switzerland announced the discovery of the “Higgs” boson, also known as the “God particle”. The real story is that an international group of scientists confirmed the existence of an All-Pervading Field of incalculable energy, which precedes and is the source of all mass.

    Adam Trombly, Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen, Project Earth

  • Wounded Earth Mural

    What Project Earth was Predicting - in 1990!

    Created in 1990, for the Earth Day 1990 Chesapeake Campaign, this award-winning painting/Flash animation documents the prophetic vision of Adam Trombly's Project Earth. Now 21 years later many of those earth change predictions have come to pass.
    Click image for Flash Animation.


    What On Earth Will It Take?

    An unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.
    The Global Premiere 11.11.11. Click Image

  • Zero Point Fluctuation Technology

    Electrical power exists in complete abundance, without any capital cost for fuel.

    "...we have enough energy to transform the entire Earth - and that's not just a theoretical statement it's literally true." - Adam Trombly
    Click Image

  • Spectrum Radio Network

    Audio Interview with Adam Trombly
    Part 1

    Tune in to our show this coming Tuesday October 18th 7:55pm Pacific 10:55pm Eastern when Spectrum Radio Network will be interviewing Adam Trombly (Part 2) about "The Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy"
    Listen to Part 1 - Click Image

  • earthsforcefield5Feeling a bit uneasy here lately?

    Feeling even more unsettled that you can justify merely on the basis of the terrible constant display of lies and obfuscations on the corporate news? You may well be feeling the deep disruption in our planet’s magnetic field. You may be feeling it because an earthquake or volcanic eruption is about to happen. It might also be because of a major solar flare and its impact on the Earth. You may be feeling symptoms of the disruption of our entire planet’s magnetic field because we are in the midst of a shift in the dipole moment of that field. 

    You see, our magnetic shield is decaying...

    Adam Trombly, Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen, Project Earth

Japan: no disaster funds for whaling





Posted: 12 December 2011

We can put an end to government subsidized whale slaughter once and for all by raising a massive global call to Japane to support Fukushima victims and not the whaling industry. Let's show Noda the whole world is watching.


Hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens are stranded and homeless in radioactive areas, but their government will continue to plunder precious disaster relief funds to subsidise the brutal slaughter of whales, unless we help end this madness now.

Right now, the Japanese whaling fleet is barreling south to hunt up to 1,000 majestic whales, fueled by $30 million skimmed from disaster relief. Back home, Fukushima mothers are pleading for relocation money to escape radiation that afflicts children with nosebleeds, persistent flu and diarrhoea. The Prime Minister is struggling to regain credibility after his poor handling of the tragedy -- and if we join with Fukushima victims now, we can pressure him to stop funding the senseless slaughter and ensure disaster money reaches the victims who need it most.

It's a moral travesty that the government refuses to fund children relocating from radioactive areas, but we can shame Prime Minister Noda to stop swiping funds from Fukushima families. Let's create a massive global petition to Japan to save mothers, not whalers, and we'll join disaster survivors in delivering it directly to his office when we reach 500,000 signers -- add your name now on the right and share with all your friends using the tools below!


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