• "These are the days wherein we will judge for
    ourselves whether the human race continues.
    This is the time wherein we all must choose between
    the road that leads to death or the road that leads to life."

    Adam Trombly

  • deepfieldinvert22Scientific Proof of the Presence
    of the “God Field” 
    Confirmed by CERN

     In what could have been a Declaration of Global Energy Independence on July 4th, 2012, CERN Research of Switzerland announced the discovery of the “Higgs” boson, also known as the “God particle”. The real story is that an international group of scientists confirmed the existence of an All-Pervading Field of incalculable energy, which precedes and is the source of all mass.

    Adam Trombly, Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen, Project Earth

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    Electrical power exists in complete abundance, without any capital cost for fuel.

    "...we have enough energy to transform the entire Earth - and that's not just a theoretical statement it's literally true." - Adam Trombly
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  • earthsforcefield5Feeling a bit uneasy here lately?

    Feeling even more unsettled that you can justify merely on the basis of the terrible constant display of lies and obfuscations on the corporate news? You may well be feeling the deep disruption in our planet’s magnetic field. You may be feeling it because an earthquake or volcanic eruption is about to happen. It might also be because of a major solar flare and its impact on the Earth. You may be feeling symptoms of the disruption of our entire planet’s magnetic field because we are in the midst of a shift in the dipole moment of that field. 

    You see, our magnetic shield is decaying...

    Adam Trombly, Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen, Project Earth


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Table of Contents

Special News Bulletin:

A Prayer for Intervention

5/21/2014—BY ADAM TROMBLY—On the evening of August 28th 2013 I sat in my Aspen office typing into my computer. The FLIR IndentiFINDER 2 radiation meter sat on my desk taking gamma radiation/isotope/neutron measurements of the ambient air. Every twenty minutes the instrument takes a two-minute sample of the gamma radiation emitted by radionuclides present in the air we are breathing. 

Aspen has a relatively high background radiation level hovering around .1100 microsieverts/hour. Contributions to this background come from radon, K-40 and other NORMs (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials). The IdentiFINDER 2 instrument has preset alarm levels that go off when readings exceed the legally mandated “safe” level for the United States. Normally these spikes in the background radiation occur a few times an hour at the 8,000-foot altitude of our offices there, so it is no surprise to see occasional short-lived events.

However, on this night I looked down on the instrument and noticed that the entire “Finder” function screen was red. This was not a normal spike. It was a continuous Alarm. I took the instrument outside to see if this was something occurring inside the building or if there was something more serious going on. 

The readings outside were worse than those inside. It turned out that the entire Roaring Fork River Valley from Independence Pass to Glenwood Springs was much “hotter” than normal. Apparently, the rains that had visited the valley over the week before had been “Fukushima Rains”. These rains are contaminated by the ongoing and unmitigated catastrophe in Northern Japan.

The instrument recorded increases in Cesium 137 and 134, Wg-Pu, Rg-Pu (Weapons Grade Plutonium, Reactor Grade Plutonium), Iodine-131, and many other pathogenic isotopes. These are all unwanted and undesirable invaders. No sane, healthy person would ever willingly invite these pathogenic guests.

We and other colleagues have been monitoring increases of all of these radionuclides and highly energetic neutrons, which are constantly flowing from Fukushima (and other nuclear reactors) wherever we have travelled throughout the world. Just seeing those readings on the meter did not surprise us. It is the new Fukushima Normal.

Even so, the constant flow of red across the screen of our meter was not normal and signaled a potential harvest of dis-ease, mutagenesis and eventual death from a variety of cancers or just as likely, heart disease. There is nothing “theoretical” about this. 

Was this the reason the Obama Administration had impeded so many of our colleagues and our own access to good truly professional radiation measurement instruments until two years after the start of the radioactive assault on Earth? Was this why the Obama Administration was proposing new significantly higher maximum permissible daily exposure for the People of the United States of America? How often were these “events” happening around the world? 

Without proper instrumentation how would anyone even know that they, their children, their grandchildren, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbors are all being subjected to dramatically increased probabilities for slow and tortuous death? Why weren’t those who did have sanctioned access to good radiation monitoring and identifying instruments at taxpayer funded Universities and Public Agency Laboratories saying anything? Since when is this kind of abuse of an entire global population normal? Seriously…

Then it occurred to me that I also had a responsibility to stay balanced and not allow the events of the evening to dictate my neurochemistry. I breathed and cleared my head and heart. Even with my mind and heart in a more balanced state, the concern did not disappear. 

The next day the alarm levels continued. I had never seen such a dramatic acute local example of the increased radiological contamination resulting from Fukushima-Daiichi. The really stunning fact is that the radiation levels we were seeing those few days in August do not get close to exceeding the newly proposed Obama ionizing radiation exposure standard inspired by the new Japanese standard which increased daily dose criteria for the Japanese public up to 100,000 times formerly permissible levels. 

What possible rationale could there be to raise the daily gamma ray and radioisotope exposure levels for the population of any country? Who, in the face of recent events could possibly make a compelling argument to build NEW NUCLEAR REACTORS in the United States? How could anyone convince a “free people” or their “representatives” to “just say yes” to more isotopes in our rooms?

Easy. Just drum the nuclear industry hyperbole about “safe, clean and economical” energy into people’s heads, OUR HEADS. It has never been any of those things.

Just pretend to the Japanese People and the rest of the world that the death of Fukushima-Daiichi Plant Manager Masao Yoshida from esophageal-cancer has nothing to do with his exposure to astronomical levels of radiation at the crippled plant. Then elevate Masao Yoshida to “hero” status for “preventing a nuclear disaster”, as if the Fukushima-Daiichi meltdowns had ended splendidly, instead of acknowledging this as the worst single ongoing environmental catastrophe in history. 

Are we to ignore Katsutaka Idogawa, the former Mayor of the town of Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture, when he claims the Japanese Government is killing its own people? “This is killing children. They die of heart conditions, asthma, leukemia, and thyroiditis. Lots of kids are extremely exhausted after school; others are simply unable to attend PE classes. But the authorities still hide the truth from us, and I don’t know why. Don’t they have children of their own? It hurts so much to know they can’t protect our children.”(http://rt.com/shows/sophieco/fukushima-disaster-radiation-children-740/ )

The Former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan says, “I believe that now is the crucial time for us to eliminate nuclear power.” In testimony given after his resignation he also warned “the politically powerful nuclear industry is trying to push Japan back toward nuclear power despite “showing no remorse” for the accident.” (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/29/world/asia/japans-naoto-kan-condemns-nuclear-power.html?_r=0 )

The World Health Organization’s annual Global Cancer Report for 2014 says that we can all anticipate a “tsunami of cancer” throughout the globe from now until 2030 and beyond. The Report states that there are very real concerns that the global health system could be “overwhelmed” by this tidal wave of victims. However, when it comes to citing the cause for this high tide of death, the report says it is our “life styles and aging populations”. There is neither mention of Fukushima nor the tsunami of cancer already being reported in many places around the world since the inception of the disaster. With so many of the world’s Governments subservient to the nuclear industry, maybe the WHO just doesn’t want to take those nuclear bullies on. 

In the United States “We the People “ were tricked into electing a mouthpiece for the nuclear industry, in effect empowering that industry to seize control of the Executive Branch of the United States Government. Excelon Corporation, a corporate global nuclear power, which brought us Three Mile Island, and financed much of Mr. Obama’s rise to power, now calls itself “The Presidents Utility”. After all, it’s own man is the United State’s Chief Executive Officer. (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/23/us/politics/ties-to-obama-aided-in-access-for-exelon-corporation.html)

Sound familiar? It’s all a House of Cards.

With his endless stream of questionable “Executive Orders” truncating more and more of the rights of the American People, Barack Obama has DICTATED THAT NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS BE BUILT IN THE UNITED STATES, whether we want this or not. 

Damn the Radiation! Damn the Mass Murder! 

Full Speed Ahead!!!

Once again, I find that I need to remind myself to feel beyond the tyranny. We all need to stay awake enough to feel beyond the tyranny and not let it dominate our hearts and minds. We need to judge ourselves to be better than what has come to be defined as “human”. 

The more we love one another and communicate that love with and to one another worldwide the more we can cohere and focus that Power. We need to do this for the sake of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in such a way that the Shout of our Shared Clarity resounds causally, throughout all of the lands of Earth such that fundamental change becomes the norm because we ourselves are manifesting it. 

We need to collectively remember our vast capacity as expressions of Spirit or Infinite Transparent Luminous Clarity, of Love in action, of healing in action, of transformation in action in order to meet this day, which is now upon us. 

This is Judgment Day. The “human species” is in the process of judging itself to be unworthy of life itself. Let us have better Judgment than that. Let us accept the intrinsic abundance of that which is Infinitely Present Everywhere and build our new world on this basis. 

Many of us will die trying, but considering the fact that we are being poisoned so mercilessly by the voluminous outgassing of the reactors of Fukushima-Daiichi, we might as well do our best to live with integrity and love. It may seem a bigger step for some than for others but it is a step we all must take. 

We must draw upon the Boundless Energy of Infinite Being, the Space beyond the primitive concepts of relativistic time and space. We must “Be the Prayer”. We must not allow anyone to lie and obfuscate about the Isotopes in our rooms.

At 3:00 in the morning of August 30th, 2013 we went to bed praying for intervention. We were tired and in need of renewal. We simply asked for a sign, a little flexure of spiritual muscle. We needed an indication that we are still in a process where higher intelligence can intervene. We breathed and breathed our feeling prayer. 

I contemplated that in the volume of space occupied by a mustard seed enough actual Power is present to transform far more than our little valley of the Roaring Fork. Why not relate to this Space, this Infinite and Luminous Being, our Source and Substance, Our Very Nature, Infinitely Present Everywhere with our feeling breath such that we focus and draw the Power for change into the very fabric of our daily lives.

We awoke at 7:30 and felt so much better. It was a soft surprise. Clarity had cleared away the nuclear fog. 

The meter sat on a stool by the bed. I reached for it and saw that the Alarm status had ceased and that the background radiation was less than a third of what it had been a few hours before. My thyroid glands no longer tested positive for Iodine-131. Even the soils, which had indicated contamination the day before, now produced readings that were better than normal. Something had definitely happened. 

A couple of other people who were monitoring the local environment also noticed the dramatic abatement of the event. One of them asked me if we “had developed a new technology at the Institute for Advanced Studies to alleviate radiation from the environment?”

I told him no. He responded, “Then what just happened?” like he was deeply shaken by the positive turn of events. “We just prayed; that’s all. We just prayed.”

5/21/2014—Adam Trombly


Scientific Proof of the Presence of the “God Field” Confirmed by CERNdeepfieldinvert22

BY ADAM TROMBLY—In what could have been a Declaration of Global Energy Independence on July 4th, 2012, CERN Research of Switzerland announced the discovery of the “Higgs” boson, also known as the “God particle”. The real story is that an international group of scientists confirmed the existence of an All-Pervading Field of incalculable energy, which precedes and is the source of all mass.

The way the announcement was made by CERN left the impression that scientists had merely discovered yet another “particle”, another tiny piece of existence, which has little or no apparent relevance to any of our lives.

I wanted to shout; “It’s the Field! Tell the whole world about THE FIELD. The Field is the Context. The “particle” is just a moment, a by-product of the Field. There is no “God particle” seperate from the “God Field”.

Some of us have been pointing out the existence of this All-Pervading Field for a very long time. We have even provided various forms of experimental physical proof of its reality going back to Nikola Tesla over a hundred years ago. Tesla referred to this Field as “cosmic energy” and drove an automobile powered by it. Heisenberg referred to it as the, “zero-point quantum vacuum fluctuation background field ” aka, the “zero-point field”.

Renaming this Field the “Higgs field” is really an attempt at rebranding by certain members of the scientific community. It is a strange egoic form of verbal idolatry. However, a change in nomenclature does not alter the fact that a small group of researchers have for over a century tried to expose the fact that we are always in the midst of this Field which is the source of unfathomable power and which is in fact our own Source and Substance.

Mass is not the source of energy; Energy is the source of mass.

It is in the midst of this Field of boundless energy that a vast spectrum of transitional states between quantum vacuum zero-spin space and quantum vacuum spin space arise in every moment. Spin can be induced in “empty” Space. Every atom and molecule, every boson, every fermion, every hadron, every quark, every sub-particle of a sub-particle, is being the dynamic modification of this All-Pervading Space.

There is this Presence, which is Infinitely Present Everywhere. Most of us have felt this Presence without any technology whatsoever. That is why the acknowledgement of the reality the Boundless Field of Infinite Space is really important news.

Now it all gets down to how we relate to Space. I mean this quite literally. The way that we relate to Space will determine what kind of future, if any, our species will have.

We could relate to Space as if we are separate from “It”. We could choose to feel like abandoned children, dis-integrated from our own Basic Nature. We could choose to relate to each other as totally separate “realities”. We could endlessly wage wars to secure the ever-diminishing stocks of fossil fuels, which were made obsolete by Tesla over a century ago. We could poison present and future generations of all species with “safe” nuclear technologies.

On the other hand we could relate to Space as the Source and the Substance of everything that appears. We could relate to Space itself as an Infinite resource from which we can learn to draw unlimited power. Instead of feeling separate and alone we could feel at one with our own Nature and with our fellow beings.

Which do you choose?

Our planet and all species have been subjected for long enough, to a world industrial system dominated by dissipative technologies, born of truly primitive subjective interpretations of “reality”. Our subjugation to the tyranny of these technologies has led to utter environmental degradation and the destabilization of the climatological and geophysical integrity of our entire planet.

The simple truth is this. There is this Presence, this Space, this Field, which is incalculably greater than mere physicality.

It is possible to induce spin in zero-spin Space such that the potential of Space forms transitional moments which “decay” into the vortical/torroidal expressions of energy we call “particles” aka mass. I know for a fact that many experiments have been carried out and many prototype technologies have been made in several countries that demonstrate the Presence of this Field with relatively simple means. No one really needs a twenty billion-dollar particle accelerator project to access this ever-present resource.

The official acknowledgement of the Presence of this Field ultimately signals the possibility of our emergence beyond an economy of mere consumption and parasitism. We can rise up from this difficult time into a period of unprecedented abundance for all the peoples of Earth

I could cite many different zero-point quantum vacuum energy based technologies that I have personally had hands-on experience with. Instead, let me speak to experiments carried out at Los Alamos National Laboratories, which provide an amazing contrast to the super-sized scale experiments at CERN.

Dr. Victor Klimov, a Russian ex-pat scientist and Los Alamos National Laboratories Fellow, demonstrated that a solar cell he invented produced two electrons instead of one per every photovoltaic event. Through a process, which he calls “Multiple Exciton Generation” (MEG) Klimov et al. demonstrated that it is possible to tap into the background field and bring back two electrons instead of one. The only place the extra electron could have come from is “Vacuum Space”.

Nineteen major laboratories throughout the world have duplicated this experiment. The United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden Colorado confirmed this technology is real, including the fact that it each “extra” electron is derived from “vacuum space”.

Considering that this technology taps into the All-Pervading Field for far less money and far fewer resources than the CERN experiments and that it produces practical, usable, electric power one would think this should be big news. Instead when Klimov’s results were announced in 2006 the story was stonewalled by the corporate news media.

It is my testimony that wherever we are there is the Presence of unfathomable energy. This energy can be tapped into to power all of our needs. We can transcend the politics of scarcity. We can emerge beyond this difficult moment of extreme climatological and geophysical crisis into a completely new and much better way of life, which acknowledges and utilizes that which is always already Present.

We can allow ourselves to feel this Presence right here and right now. We are seamlessly and perfectly related in this Presence. It is our very Nature.

The more we adjust to the reality of this Presence, the more the concept of the “other” will vanish from our feeling and the more we can all feel Wholeness that is beyond words. We can tap into our own ever-present Source and power the Earth with clean and abundant energy. We can make Peace and feel Peace even now.

Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen
Co-Founder, Director Project Earth
Copywrite © 2013 All rights reserved



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